WWE matches today: Drawn out sagas, meh builds, and no new faces

WWE (Photo by Marc Pfitzenreuter/Getty Images)
WWE (Photo by Marc Pfitzenreuter/Getty Images) /

The WWE matches today are more of the same with little surprise. I doubt it can be helped.

No matter the reason, eventually fans get tired of the same matches over and over again. I’m not saying this from an pseudo insider’s perspective, or someone “who’s in the industry”. I’m saying this from a fan’s point of view. I preface with that for all the “experts” who will say how off I am and that wrestling is doing its job if it’s sparking emotion. Okay, got it.

Let’s face it, some of these storylines are tired. Yet, I don’t think it can be helped. They’re carried from the “go home” show before the Pay Per View, to the show after the Pay Per View  a.k.a. “the fallout”, and then there’s the way ahead. The whole reason to watch Monday Night Raw after a PPV is to get clarity on storylines because we all know it’s gonna be the same people.  You wonder, what’s left? What more can they do? You think the PPV is the ending when it might be Chapter 2.  Where does that leave the frustration that you’re seeing the same matches week in and week out? To use myself as an example, I get tired of stuff quick. Maybe said feud needs months. Maybe they’re trying to put someone over. Maybe they’re burying someone. I don’t know. I just check the latest wrestling news like you and keep up. WWE matches today, like last year and the years prior, all lead back to Vince McMahon‘s creative perspective, something we all deal with.

Sometimes stuff just gets old.

For example, the Mysterio family vs. Murphy and Seth Rollins. This week on

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Raw we were inundated with yet another chapter to this saga. Now Murphy blames Dominik for his fallout with Seth. What does that mean? More than likely Murphy is going to get pushed more towards a Babyface role in his issues with Seth, and Dominik is going to get even more time in the ring to get over. Do I disagree with both angles? No. Are they redundant? Slightly. Is this gonna get shoved down our throats for the next month or so? You betcha. We could say the same for the Hurt Business vs. Apollo Crews. That resulted in a U.S. Title win for Bobby Lashley and a better Heel turn for Cedric Alexander, though many of us were yelling at the screen “FINALLLLY…”

This isn’t fallout from the pandemic. No, this is just how WWE does things. It’s the reason why a lot of the talent is backstage. And I’m not saying build a program. No, build the program, tell the story! But by all means evolve it, or know when to just let it go. I think that’s what everyone wants out of a good feud. WWE matches today may not ever be exactly what the fans want, but everyone can respect a good story when  told properly.

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