Raw Underground: Dabba-Kato vs. Braun Strowman set for next week

WWE Raw, Braun Strowman via WWE.com
WWE Raw, Braun Strowman via WWE.com /

If you’ve been waiting for a Dabba-Kato vs. Braun Strowman match on Raw Underground, the wait is over. The fight will take place on the next episode of Monday Night Raw

On last week’s edition of Monday Night Raw the “Monster Among Men” decimated Titus O’Neill, Dolph Ziggler and Riddick Moss. At first it looked like O’Neill actually had a chance, scooping up the big  man off his feet. However, Strowman didn’t stay down long and choked out O’Neill within seconds.

An earlier installment showed both Moss and Dolph Zigglar teaming up to take down Strowman.  which also didn’t end well. In fact, it ended with Moss getting a  huge right punch to the face and Zigglar getting power slammed. Once he was done with the men who dared challenge him, we got the moment we were waiting on.

MVP: “Kaiju vs. Kaiju”

Raw Underground ended this week with Strowman and Dabba-Kato locked in a stare down after Shane McMahon called a stop to the action to book the match for next week.

Wait, Kato was there?

Yep, and never stepped foot on  the mat to face Strowman. It was  like he gave everyone their fair

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shot at the big man before deciding it was time to reclaim the Underground. MVP was right, this week was a battle among the monsters.  Moss, O’Neill, Strowman, and Kato are the biggest men in Raw Underground. It played out like a  monster movie comparable to Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah, with the biggest man with the best chance – Kato – finally arriving the save the day.  This is a match that needs to happen because Kato cannot stand by and let another big man take over.

Kato has been the Underground’s top big guy since its inception. He’s also undefeated.  There’s no way he can stand in the background a second week in a row and watch Strowman wreck everyone and leave (yeah, I just said that...) . Booking Dabba-Kato vs. Braun Strowman was smart because it might keep viewers tuned in a little longer for the Third hour, but there are no guarantees. Raw Underground coverage remains sporadic throughout the show, so I’m expecting they’ll try another round of, “Let’s let these two guys fight all the way through the Raw Underground segment.” It might actually work this time.

A. Raw Underground Sept. 14, 2020. Strowman did a good job setting up to face off against Dabbo-Kato was perfect.. .