Money In The Bank 2021 Results: John Cena Returns, Big E and Nikki A.S.H win MITB

MIAMI GARDENS, FL - APRIL 1: John Cena looks on before his match against Dwayne ''The Rock'' Johnson during WrestleMania XXVIII at Sun Life Stadium on April 1, 2012 in Miami Gardens, Florida. (Photo by Ron Elkman/Sports Imagery/Getty Images)
MIAMI GARDENS, FL - APRIL 1: John Cena looks on before his match against Dwayne ''The Rock'' Johnson during WrestleMania XXVIII at Sun Life Stadium on April 1, 2012 in Miami Gardens, Florida. (Photo by Ron Elkman/Sports Imagery/Getty Images) /

WWE is back on the road with full capacity crowds and Money in The Bank was the first supershow to provide some sense of normalcy after the pandemic. With multiple title matches and the signature ladder matches, WWE went all in to make their first PPV on the road as special as possible. Here are the results for the 2021 edition of Money in The Bank.


SmackDown Tag Team Championship Match: Rey Mysterio & Dominik Mysterio (c) vs. Jimmy Uso & Jey Uso.

In the Pre-Show, we got the first Title Match as The Usos challenged The Mysterio Family for the SmackDown Tag Team Championships. Usos dominated most of the match, but this match was used to highlight Dominik Mysterio in his 2nd ever match outside the Thunderdome. He managed to do a bunch of cool stuff, including a great double-hop Moonsault from the Middle rope.

The crowd elevated the match to incredible heights and bought into Rey and Dominik retaining the gold, but The Usos managed to outsmart the Father & Son duo with an assisted roll-up. The Usos are now 7-time Tag Team Champions.

The Usos defeat The Mysterios via pinfall, win the SmackDown Tag team Championships.

Main Show

Women’s Money in The Bank Ladder Match: Liv Morgan vs. Zelina Vega vs. Natalya vs. Tamina vs. Asuka vs. Nikki Cross (ASH) vs. Alexa Bliss vs Naomi

The first official match of the night was the Women’s Money In the Bank Ladder Match. The match had a lot of question marks on top of it, but the doubts were removed entirely based on the loud reaction to the entrances of all the participants. Unfortunately, the match was focused on the spooky abilities of Alexa Bliss, including controlling Zelina Vega to get down from the ladder with Telekinesis.

The match was a bit of a mess as the participants were scrambled together in order, but the match reached its climax when everyone was fighting for the briefcase on the ladders inside the ring. Nikki Cross took advantage of this and managed to steal the win by unhooking the briefcase and becoming the new Ms. Money In the Bank.

Nikki Cross defeats Alexa Bliss, Liv Morgan, Tamina, Natalya, Zelina Vega, Asuka, and Naomi.

Raw Men’s Tag Team Championship Match: AJ Styles & Omos (c) vs. The Viking Raiders (Erik & Ivar)

This match was a simple match with an inevitable outcome. There was a cool spot where AJ got darted by Omos into the Viking Raiders, but it went down exactly as it was expected. Omos hit Erik with the Double hand-Chokeslam for the win. I wish I could say more, but the match was a match in which the crowd was pretty mild for a decent match, but it was nothing more nor nothing less.

AJ Styles & Omos defeat The Viking Raider via Pinfall, retain the Raw Tag Team Championships

WWE Championship Match: Bobby Lashley (c) vs. Kofi Kingston

This match was very much anticipated by many, as it has had a sensational 2 month build. While the result is never in question, it would be interesting how it was going to unfold. In short, this match was an elongated beatdown, with Lashley dominating the majority of the match. Kofi got a decent amount of offense at the beginning of the match, but Lashley managed to do destructive work with him. Lashley made Kingston tap out with The Hurt Lock, retaining the title in style.

Bobby Lashley defeats Kofi Kingston, retains the WWE Championship.

Raw Women’s Championship Match: Rhea Ripley (c) vs. Charlotte Flair

Up next is the identity crisis match between Charlotte Flair and Rhea Ripley for the Raw Women’s Championship. I mention this because WWE has struggled tremendously with how mismanaged the dynamics of the heel and the babyface have been for this feud and it has been hard to identify who the fans should root for. Luckily, the issue was solved almost immediately after Charlotte Flair did the “Suck it” gesture and followed it with flicking off the crowd, which was horribly censored by WWE with a badly timed black screen.

Rhea and Flair managed to do a lot of cool stuff and managed to get the crowd on their side after they started chanting for Becky Lynch, who had been absent for nearly a year after revealing that she was pregnant. The crowd was fully behind Rhea, and she continued to shine in this match after she hit an exceptional Suplex on Flair, which came from a counter from Flair. It nearly came off badly, but the execution came out really well.

The match reached its end after Charlotte obliterated Ripley’s ankle with the stairs. The writing was on the wall for the Australian champion, as Charlotte Flair locked in the Figure Eight. The champion tried to resist, but it was too much for her and she had to submit, crowning a new Raw Women’s Champion.

Charlotte Flair defeats Rhea Ripley via submission, wins the Raw Women’s Championship

Men’s Money In the Bank Ladder Match: Ricochet vs. John Morrison vs. Drew McIntyre vs. Big E vs. Kevin Owens vs. Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Seth Rollins

Next up was the Men’s Money In the Bank Ladder Match. Unlike the previous Money in The Bank match, this match was used to highlight everyone involved. Seth Rollins and John Morrison teamed up for the first quarter of the match, beating up everyone trying to walk inside the ring until Rollins threw Morrison outside of the ring. Luckily, some worries of McIntyre being reinserted into the Main Event scene were calmed as Jinder Mahal, Veer and Shanky came out to lay him out of the match, furthering their feud for the next couple of weeks.

After this, everyone just decided to do a whole bunch of great flippy nonsense. Kevin Owens got power bombed into a ladder onto the outside,  Everyone was flying around as if they were birds in evacuation, and Ricochet went in and recreated his wonderful moment when he catapulted himself from the ladder into the top rope into a senton to the outside.

The conclusion came after Big E hit Seth Rollins with the Big Ending from the ladder. People were wondering if it was ever going to happen, but we got the answer we needed tonight that Big E is a guy the company will trust to deliver. The trigger was finally pulled on Big E and he is Mr. Money In The Bank, and he could not deserve it anymore.

Big E defeats Drew McIntyre, Seth Rollins, Riddle, Ricochet, Shinsuke Nakamura, John Morrison, and Kevin Owens.

Main Event:

WWE Universal Championship Match: Roman Reigns (c) vs. Edge

This match was originally scheduled for this year’s Wrestlemania and it was looking to be the match that has been highly anticipated since Edge made his return to the ring last January. Both performers got loud reactions and both knew that this match had to deliver, and it did. It started with Roman taking a good amount of control, but Edge turned it back around and had a reversal for anything Reigns threw at him.

Luckily for the  Universal Champion, he was able to wear him down after throwing a slew of punches right on the head of the 12-time World Champion.

Charles Robinson, the referee of this match, took a bump in this match that ruled him out of the contest, which led to WWE doing their own spin of Gang Wars and having both The Usos and the Mysterios come out to raise hell on the outside. While this was going on, Edge locked Roman in the pipe-assisted Crossface on Roman, which was cut by Seth Rollins kicking The Rated R Superstar in the head. The match continued, but Rollins would interfere one more time before Reigns hit Edge with a Spear. The Hall Of Famer gave it his all, but it was not enough to stop the Tribal Chief from retaining his Championship.

Roman Reigns defeats Edge via Pinfall, retains Universal Championship.

The Man Who Can’t Be Seen Returns

After the match, Edge and Rollins brawled on the outside through the crowd. This led to Roman just saying “Now the whole world must acknowledge me”. After he was serenaded with boos, but there was a big portion of the audience waiting on when we were going to see him back. Then, it happened.

After being sent to another dimension on last year’s Wrestlemania, Jonathan Anthony Felix Cena Jr. made his triumphant return to WWE to a loud and loving reception. After he was on the headlines for his work in Hollywood, seen him back made for a huge moment and it will more than likely lead to a match between him and Reigns for the Universal Championship. All he needed was to show up and he did so in style.

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