WWE Extreme Rules Fantasy Warfare: Edge takes on 3 opponents


With WWE‘s Extreme Rules coming up a little later this month, we thought we’d have a little fun with a wee bit of our own brand of Fantasy Warfare, dear readers, and come up with an idea fit for the event.

Whoever said we weren’t allowed to play a little of the old make-believe, anyways?

For this dream bout, I’ve pulled from some pretty epic moments in wrestling history, some of it ancient and some of it pretty recent, but altogether, we may have something here that should match those moments, to say the least.

Bear with me.

First, the match will have to be the main event and for the Universal Championship, although that doesn’t necessarily mean that all of the combatants absolutely have to be on SmackDown right now, do they? After all, this is fantasy warfare…emphasis on the word fantasy.

The model of the match is quite vast, but what a main event it would be. At least I think so.

So if we’re choosing opponents, we’ve gotta have a face, and what better face in my opinion right now than “The Ultimate Opportunist,” himself, Edge. After all, he’s been hellbent on retiring on his own terms since he returned from a decade of injury leave (essentially retirement). And he’s been after Roman Reigns and his Universal Title.

Now, for a heel. Ah…this is where it gets interesting folks.

The layout

In AEW, I loved the idea of the “5 Labours of Jericho”. Some of the matches could have been better, yeah, but overall, what a five-week period that undoubtedly was. But imagine if you will, a series of matches very much like that, but in a single night! Wouldn’t that be spectacular? I think so.

So essentially, our face, Edge, would be battling three different opponents all in one night.

But let’s add another element, this one from the past. Do any of you remember the 3 Stages of Hell match between Stone Cold Steve Austin and Triple H at No Way Out 2001? I definitely do, and I go back and watch it any chance I get.

So, one match after another, Edge would fight, until he made it to the final challenge: the current Universal Champion himself, Roman Reigns.

Spoiler, I know. We now know the last match, but I’ll save the stipulation for Match 3 for the end, and we don’t yet know what the first two matches are, or how hellacious they’ll be. For that, you need to keep reading…

*all matches are obviously no disqualification

Match 1

Who better for Edge to face than a man who was there with him near the start of his run in the business? And no, I’m not talking about Christian. Besides, I kind of love where he is right now in his role at AEW and Impact, so let’s leave well enough alone on that front.

I was thinking of Gangrel.

See, Gangrel has issues with him using the Brood angle at SummerSlam. He enters as Edge’s first opponent, and the stipulation here is a good old First Blood match, which makes sense for obvious reason (The Brood were vampires).

The match is pretty one-sided: Edge has his way with Gangrel, but Gangrel hits him by surprise with a well-timed and well-executed DDT. Edge, disoriented, doesn’t see a shove to the ropes, followed by a hellacious clothesline.

While Edge recovers, Gangrel plays to the crowd but doesn’t see Edge coming to, getting ready for a Spear, which he executes perfectly.

He makes a pit-stop under the ring, grabs an old chalice (The Brood used to walk out with them), and walks straight to Gangrel and whacks him in the head with the weapon, which is pretty poetic that he would bleed at the hands of that weapon, right?

Thanks, Gangrel!

Match 2

Jeff Hardy.

And what other match can these two men have than a TLC Match? They invented the thing, after all — alongside Matt Hardy, Christian, and The Dudley Boyz. Those matches from SummerSlam in 2000 and WrestleMania X-Seven were indeed epic, to say the least.

And perhaps there isn’t anything much I could add to that magic, but I’m sure that if these two gentlemen were given another go, we’d get something special indeed. After all, Edge has a vast history with the TLC match overall and with a plethora of opponents.

Needless to say, Edge wins Match 2.

Match 3

So we know he’s facing Reigns, who has played the part of MJF in AEW’s “5 Labours of Jericho”, having put Edge through all of this just to face him once more for the Universal Championship, which Edge wants to win one more time before retiring.

The stipulation: A Buried Alive Match

Edge has faced The Undertaker — “The Deadman” — many times, and there would be no other fitting end to end this feud…Edge claiming in a promo in perfect Edge fashion: “I’ve tried to defeat Roman Reigns the normal way, but the only way to defeat Roman Reigns, is to KILL ROMAN REIGNS, and end his reign for good.”

Of course, The Usos will get involved, but Edge has The Mysterios to help take care of them. Once they’re out of the way, the match ends up a slugfest, back and forth, classically with Reigns on the verge of winning, then Edge.

The match takes a turn for the worse when Paul Heyman teases helping Reigns, but doesn’t. He turns his back on “The Head of the Table” and walks up the ramp, where a laughing Brock Lesnar awaits. This leaves Roman shocked, with Edge suddenly grabbing him and pulling him, kicking and screaming, into a freshly dug grave.

Next. A Drew McIntyre heel turn would make sense. dark

Here lies the Head of the Table.

Ah…what it is to dream.

"Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.-Carl Jung"