Why MJF Needs to Retire Chris Jericho at All Out

MJF enters the ring (photo courtesy of AEW)
MJF enters the ring (photo courtesy of AEW) /

AEW has so many bright young stars with promising futures in professional wrestling. One of the brightest among all is Maxwell Jacob Friedman aka MJF. Heading into All Out this Sunday in arguably the biggest match of his career, MJF should defeat and retire Chris Jericho to continue his ascent to the top of the wrestling world.

Having already beaten Chris Jericho and his faction not once, not twice, but THREE times, this match shouldn’t even be happening! It was just 3 weeks ago we saw MJF face him on Dynamite and beat him as the fifth and final labor of Jericho. As a result, the stakes had to be upped for this final match as Chris Jericho put his in-ring career on the line.

MJF continues to get better and better both in the ring and on the microphone and is doing so before our very eyes every week in AEW. One final victory over his long-time rival would cement him as one of the top stars in AEW as well as add a definitive moment to his legacy in professional wrestling this early into his career.

Over the past year, AEW has told a great story of the relationship between Chris Jericho and MJF. While this feud initially began as the Inner Circle versus the Pinnacle, the two leaders of their respective groups have really elevated this rivalry and made the story more focused on their own personal differences rather than their factions.

As Chris Jericho’s career continues to wind down, there is no better person to end his career and no better time to do it than MJF at All Out. A certified legend in the wrestling business, Jericho has earned enough name value to have people talking about him regardless if you’re a fan of AEW or not. To attach MJF to his historic career in the form of ending it would be a significant boost in credibility and legitimacy to the 25-year-old as he continues his ascent to stardom.

I believe that this is the best MJF has been in AEW since his feud with Cody Rhodes back in early 2020. While many including myself feel like this feud should have been over by now, it appears that this Sunday’s match will be the final chapter in this storyline that is now over a year in the making. What started as a simple segment on Dynamite back in 2019 has become one of the biggest feuds in professional wrestling in the year 2021.

For MJF to win and retire such a legendary figure in wrestling, it would be great for his legitimacy both in AEW and in pro wrestling as a whole, as well as a put a strong end to the illustrious career of Chris Jericho. On a card filled with so many major matches with strong implications, MJF retiring Jericho would surely be one of the biggest stories coming out of All Out and prime MJF for a new rivalry in the main event scene in AEW.

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A win over his long-time rival would be a fitting end to this feud and will prove that MJF is indeed better than all of us and we know it!