Naomi as the top heel on the SmackDown roster would be a fitting change

Jul 18, 2021; Fort Worth, TX, USA; Nikki A.S.H. (gold/blue) and Naomi (neon) and Natalya (reb/black) and Alexa Bliss (sliver/glitter) and Asuka (multi color) and Tamina (pink/black) and Zelina Vega (white/red) and Liv Morgan (white/green) battle in the Women's Money in the Bank match during Money in the Bank at Dickies Arena. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports
Jul 18, 2021; Fort Worth, TX, USA; Nikki A.S.H. (gold/blue) and Naomi (neon) and Natalya (reb/black) and Alexa Bliss (sliver/glitter) and Asuka (multi color) and Tamina (pink/black) and Zelina Vega (white/red) and Liv Morgan (white/green) battle in the Women's Money in the Bank match during Money in the Bank at Dickies Arena. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports /

Naomi has been a staple in women’s wrestling and for many years now, having her start way back in 2009. But with her return to not only live television broadcasts, but to social media after some difficulty as well, we take a look at just why she would make a perfect top heel right about now on SmackDown, and I’ll break down just how they can go about doing it too.

Twitter fiasco and TV appearances as of late

It was in July that her husband, Jimmy Uso, would be arrested for yet another DUI, and for some reason, fans on Twitter took to blaming Naomi. She took her Twitter account down and it would seem to most that that decision would be indefinite.

The last we saw of her was in the Women’s Money In The Bank match at this year’s event.

Jimmy Uso isn’t, or rather didn’t get punished for the event in the public eye and was even given a title shot alongside his brother, Jey…a title shot they made full use of in winning the SmackDown Tag Team Championships from the Mysterios.

Before that, she was in a tag team with Lana (who was subsequently released…Miro, Lana’s husband, and formerly Rusev, is currently on the AEW roster as the TNT Champion) — a tag team that was gaining some momentum with the fans too.

How she returned and the angle she’s been dealt

But a return to Twitter was imminent and a return to TV as well, but she has been given an angle that to my estimation is below her and what she’s capable of.

In a series of TV segments, she’s been seen going up to Sonya Deville, asking about getting back in the ring, to which Sonya belittles and puts off and aggressively so. Now this is scripted of course, but in essence, I’m not a fan of how it’s coming off; especially for someone as experienced as Naomi.

Sometimes the direction of a character is just as important as what’s happening in the ring from night to night, and character development in wrestling can determine a wrestler’s future by default. That’s why we often go on and on about WWE Creative and the direction they often take.

Her many accomplishments

According to a piece at Wrestling Inc, when asked recently in an interview conducted by Megan Morant, if she needed to reintroduce herself to WWE fans, Naomi responded:

"“Absolutely not…The WWE Universe knows me better than anyone, and she’s going to know that when I walk between those curtains and she hears them. They know my history, they know me, and I’ve been able to count on the fans if I have nothing else. So I don’t know what she had going on tonight, but maybe we can clear it up next week and move forward, but I’m still happy to be back on SmackDown.”"

And to her treatment in the storyline she’s been given upon her reemergence on TV she has made many other statements on social media as well, taking to Twitter stating: “Someone isn’t sure if I can “measure up”! I look forward to proving them wrong and glowing while I do it…”

And please, dear readers, make no mistake, this is a woman that can back up these statements in full.

As stated, she started in the business back in 2009, signing a developmental contract and learning her stuff in FCW (a WWE developmental territory and what in time would become NXT).

In fact, she was the very first FCW Diva’s champion.

In 2012 she became known to wider audiences as a Funkadactyl, one of the dancing valets to superstar Brodus Clay, but she was finally was able to show off her own strong wrestling acumen soon after.

The end of the Funkadactyls didn’t end her career by any stretch and she was able to emerge as a top performer on the women’s roster. She has won the SmackDown Women’s Championship twice, has won the WrestleMania Women’s Battle Royal in 2018, and interestingly enough, she won the Rolling Stone ‘Most Welcome Heel Turn’ award in 2015…which is the perfect segue into our next portion of this piece, so if you will…

How she can be a heel and why it’s the perfect direction for her

“That feels good,” she said in 2015 when she turned heel on Raw and delivered quite the beating to Paige. The turn was refreshing to see for fans as well and this time around, it would also do her career some good in turn too.

Only this time, she should go even darker if possible. I propose joining in with The Bloodline, but not as a simple member. I see this going in a different direction altogether—perhaps her even siding with Roman when he degrades the Usos with those comments he’s used to making.

This element can seriously lead to the demise of The Bloodline (whoa…say that really fast ten times…loses all meaning), perhaps Naomi playing the biggest part and resulting in a pretty huge ending to the faction.

In turn, she can grasp the title for herself at least one more time in just what might be her greatest run at the company and in the biggest spotlight, aligning herself with the Tag Champs and the Universal Champ. And if she gets that gold for herself, The Bloodline would be unstoppable, she would establish herself as a top heel for sure. She can essentially replace Heyman, especially if Heyman goes off to stand by the side of Lesnar.

A wee bit of fantasy warfare again?

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Perhaps, but I don’t think so. This would make sense and would be the perfect way for Naomi to get back at Deville for not giving her the time of day she deserves. But only time will tell, folks.