Alexa Bliss reportedly to be taken off WWE TV soon? /

Raj Giri of Wrestling Inc. has today reported that WWE Raw superstar, Alexa Bliss, will be taken off television soon.

Bliss lost to Charlotte Flair at Extreme Rules on Sunday night, with Flair ripping up Bliss’ doll, Lilly, after the match to the dismay of the former Raw and SmackDown Women’s Champion.

The report suggested that Bliss would be off television for a few months. It hasn’t been confirmed whether the time-off has already begun, or if it will take place imminently.

Currently, Bliss is playing a supernatural character, which she inherited from Bray Wyatt, who is no longer with the company. Whether this sparks the end of her current character remains to be seen.

Time off for Alexa Bliss coming

Bliss has been playing her supernatural character for over a year now. Once Wyatt was released earlier this year, it was unclear what the future held for the 2018 Money in the Bank winner. She has managed to keep her momentum going, but it appears that WWE may now have other plans for her for the time being.

In her personal life, she has been dealing with the loss of her pet pig, who sadly passed in May, and also some other health-related issues. On a positive note, she is currently engaged to her partner Ryan Cabrera and the time off may be to allow the couple to marry and Bliss to have some needed time off to rest physically and mentally.

Either way, no matter what has happened this past year, Alexa Bliss has given her all to her character and has entertained us. Even if the character is unrelatable to some and stretches the imagination, it added a different element to WWE programming. No doubt, when she’s ready and the WWE is ready, she’ll be welcomed back with open arms by the WWE Universe.

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