Adam Cole’s turning on Kenny Omega is going to be a massive moment

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Things are going great for the Elite right now; especially with Adam Cole’s return amongst their ranks since he joined up with AEW at All Out. But we can feel a turn in the air like thick steam, rising up in the cool air, the steam promising only a spectacular explosion. In this case, that explosion can only be a superkick aimed at the mutton chop beard that Kenny Omega is sporting these days, via Adam Cole (Bay! Bay!)

Adam Cole took WWE by storm, and in the mere four years that he was on the NXT brand, he left quite the impression, he primarily becoming the face of that brand. And although NXT has had epic stars on the rise for years (Ciampa, Gargano, Swerve…), Cole dominated from angle to angle, match to match.

The family is back together

But as has been made quite notorious in the last few weeks, he decided to leave the company after his contract was up, opting to go over to AEW and join up with a few of his old friends. (There are now even rumors that Kevin Owens is AEW-Bound) They have quite the history together, they run in similar circles and factions over the years in ROH and the independent circuit as well.

At the beginning of September, he told the audience listening in to an episode of Busted Open Radio according to

"“…It felt like a full circle moment in a lot of ways. I haven’t gotten to share the ring with the Young Bucks and Kenny Omega in really long time. I was feeling very sentimental. Before I was about to come out, I was so overwhelmed with emotion that my legs were physically shaking. It wasn’t even nerves. I was so excited for that moment and that’s why I’m going to try and relive it constantly in my head. I had such an amazing time. It was so cool and felt like all 13 and a half years led to that moment…”via /Busted Open Radio"

He went on to discuss why he joined up with the company after all that time in WWE/NXT:

"“…Tony is such an incredible person and has such a love and passion for pro wrestling that is contagious. You can tell he eats, sleeps, and breathes this stuff…On top of that, you have a locker room full of guys ready to do anything and everything to deliver the best match and segment possible. Maybe most important, you have rabid fans who so badly want AEW to succeed. When you have a company that is going up to the plate and hitting a home run every single time and you have fans that are satisfied and want you to hit that home run, that’s that magical atmosphere that so many talk about…I don’t see how you couldn’t want to be part of it…”via /Busted Open Radio"

As I stated earlier, the reunion is certainly a happy one, but as we learned from Cole’s experience and controversial betrayal of the Undisputed Era faction he was a part of in NXT, things can turn at the drop of a dime when Adam Cole is around. Don’t let that handsome smile fool you, right?

“DTA (don’t trust anyone),” as the great Stone Cold Steve Austin was fond of saying in his day at the top of the game.

Kenny Omega would do well to listen to that advice for sure because the clock is most assuredly ticking away.

What can the betrayal mean for Cole and AEW?

In terms of the company itself, we’re talking huge, dear readers; a turn like that with either Cole or Omega turning face in the process can garner a lot of attention. But the odds on favorite for going heel, is obviously Cole, despite Omega’s status as a heel right now in the company. Perhaps the entirety of the Elite can turn on the poor unsuspecting Omega.

Just the fact that Adam Cole premiered in AEW did wonders for the company—he chose the company over the juggernaut WWE, but that novelty will undoubtedly wear off, however. This is professional wrestling and in such a modern era, the companies at the top need to keep it fresh for sure. And boy, would this keep it fresh.

For his own career, a feud at the top of the company, for the AEW World Heavyweight title, would be the perfect way to cement Adam Cole’s legacy in the business, and should definitely add a few more nails to the coffin of WWE’s success at the top of the industry to boot.

In the meantime, I’m looking forward to watching them run together, and certainly looking forward to the…BOOM that is up that dark road in the distance. A moment for the ages, dear readers; I have no doubt and neither should you.

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After all…isn’t it “all about the Boom,” as Cole’s entrance song claims?