WWE: Now is the time to do Sasha Banks versus Trish Stratus

Trish Stratus, WWE (Photo courtesy of WWE)
Trish Stratus, WWE (Photo courtesy of WWE) /

Any list of the top women to ever perform in professional wrestling will feature Trish Stratus and Sasha Banks among the best of all time. The idea of a dream match between these two ladies isn’t a new topic, but it’s something that still hasn’t occurred much to the chagrin of fans everywhere. That doesn’t stop the idea from popping up and after this week is boiling once again, creating hope that this is a match to be seen in the near future.

It’s always important to pay attention to small details when professionals are in the ring. Banks recently used Stratusfaction at a recent WWE Live event and even called the Hall of Famer out during an appearance on The Bump. Stratus responded back with a tweet that she’s “always ready,” and that was enough to get fans clamoring once again.

No one can blame Banks for wanting this match. Stratus is considered one of the best women’s wrestlers ever, and her resume stands on that point. She, along with other women like Lita and Mickie James, helped inspire today’s generation and change the perspective of women within the WWE. Even at 45 years old, she’s shown that she can still perform when given the right opportunity. Creating a brief feud between her and Banks would be the perfect “opportunity” for both women.

For Banks, this would be one of those matches and angles that further cements her position as a top star in the organization. There aren’t many accolades that Banks hasn’t obtained and putting on what could be seen as a classic match with a Hall of Famer is yet another feather in her cap. Stratus is in a similar position as she would stand to gain for an angle with one of the biggest WWE names in the industry today.

Plus, Banks versus Stratus would not need to be for any titles. That has a positive impact on the rest of the roster because it frees up space for another woman to compete for the belt. WWE needs to find a way to build up more women at the top of the card and this is one opportunity to do so. One of the biggest complaints about Bill Goldberg’s “surprise” returns is his placement in the title picture where he isn’t needed. Stratus doesn’t need a title to be deemed important, so slotting her against Banks is a feud that already comes with high interest.

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WWE has a penchant for bringing back “legends” for one-off contests. A Trish Stratus versus Sasha Banks match has immediate appeal with wrestling fans. It also would help free up some space in the women’s division to dedicate time to other talents. This is a match both ladies have openly called for having and it’s time for WWE to give everyone want they want to see once again.