ROH TV: Championship Edition Results – Pure Championship & ROH Championship on the Line

TOKYO,JAPAN - MAY 24: Bandido looks on during the New Japan Pro-Wrestling 'Best Of Super Jr.' at Korakuen Hall on May 24, 2019 in Tokyo, Japan. (Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images)
TOKYO,JAPAN - MAY 24: Bandido looks on during the New Japan Pro-Wrestling 'Best Of Super Jr.' at Korakuen Hall on May 24, 2019 in Tokyo, Japan. (Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images) /

ROH hosted a special edition “Championship Edition” of Ring of Honor TV, where ROH World Heavyweight Champion Bandido would defend his title against independent wrestling standout Alex Zayne & LSG would be challenging for the ROH Pure Championship against Josh Woods. After the shocking announcement of Ring of Honor closing operations and would release all their contracted talent, it was going to be interesting to see how Ring of Honor would operate their programming and how it would look like based on the shocking news, and we got a glimpse of that on this show. Here are the results for the Championship Edition of Ring of Honor Television.

ROH Pure Wrestling Championship Match: Josh Woods (c) vs Leon Saint Giovanni

Opening the show was a match for the Pure Wrestling Championship between Leon Saint Giovanni (LSG) and the Champion, Josh Woods. The match started with both wrestlers exchanging pinfall attempts before shaking hands in respect. After they stand apart, Woods locks LSG in a Kimura Lock, but the challenger flips out of it and gets the Champion in a Headlock, hits him with a shoulder tackle, and attempts a crucifix pin for the near fall. Woods gets some work in on Giovanni’s left arm and connects him with a Cravat, which leads to LSG burning his first of 3 available rope breaks.

Woods continued to work on LSG’s left arm before going for a second Cravat-lock in the center of the ring. LSG tries to get out of the Cravat by hitting a Side Suplex, but Woods continues to hold the Cravat lock on the challenger on the floor. LSG  finally gets to escape the Cravat by hitting multiple gut punches on Woods before scooping him up for an STO before locking Woods in a Bridging Arm Triangle-Choke, which is cut off by Woods burning his first rope-break. As soon as it seems that LSG is gaining momentum, Josh Woods pimp-slapped LSG out of the ring.

Woods and LSG exchanged Forearm hits on the outside, which led to the Champion reversing a Tornado DDT attempt into a Belly-to-Belly Suplex for a near fall. Josh Woods follows the near fall by going for a third Cravat-Lock, which LSG managed to get out of it by hitting the Pure Champion with a Stunner, with both wrestlers left laying. LSG proceeds to hit Josh Woods with a Pump Kick, followed by a forearm on the corner and a Jumping Clothesline for a near fall.

After some exchanges, LSG hit Woods with the Saint-plosion, but he only got a near fall. Woods tried to go for the Beast Slam, but LSG reversed for a near fall attempt which was proceeded by the Rockebay for yet another near fall. Woods managed to get a hold of LSG for one final Cravat, which would be followed by a Knee to the head, a Beast Slam & A Gorilla Leg-Lock for the win, and title retention. Excellent showing for both wrestlers, with LSG specifically gaining a lot of credibility despite the loss. After the match, LSG & Josh Woods adhere to the Code of Honor and shake hands.

Josh Woods defeats LSG via Submission, retains the ROH Pure Wrestling Championship

Between Matches

Before the ROH Championship Match, we get a recap of the Halloween Edition of ROH TV, which was followed by a backstage interview with Quinn McKay & Pure Wrestling Champion Josh Woods where he states he is 1-0, teasing that he may go for a long run with the Championship. After that interview, Beer City Bruiser confronts Caprice Coleman due to Coleman eliminating Bruiser from the Honor Rumble at Death Before Dishonor, teasing Coleman’s first singles match since February 2020.

ROH World Heavyweight Championship Match: Bandido (c) vs Alex Zayne

In the Main Event, Alex Zayne challenges Bandido for the Ring Of Honor World Heavyweight Championship. Zayne won the Honor Rumble on Death Before Dishonor to become the immediate #1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Championship.

The match starts up with Bandido working the left arm of Alex Zayne, which is reversed by Zayne with a flip and an Arm-roll on Bandido’s left arm, which the Champion gets to get out off and do a gun gesture at Zayne. Zayne tries three pinfall attempts, which led to the challenger being in the receiving end of a Code Red for the kick out at the two-count. Zayne gets to regain momentum by hitting the champion with a kick to the gut followed up by a running-Swanton Heel kick on Bandido’s neck, which would lead to a near fall. Zayne tries to get Bandido in the corner, but the Champion gets a hold of the challenger and carries him with One-Hand into a Falcon Arrow, followed by a Standing Shooting Star Press for a near fall.

The Champion then attempts to go for a top-rope move, but Zayne escapes and tries to hit a Top-Rope Hurranacarrana, which is reversed by Bandido into a Fallaway Powerbomb, which Zayne would react to by hitting a kick on the champion’s head, leaving both wrestlers on the ground. Once both wrestlers stood up, they exchanged slaps and chops before both Wrestlers end in the top turnbuckle, which was followed by Bandido hitting a Top-rope Torture Rack for another near fall.

After a top-rope move from Zayne on Bandido, Bandido managed to get Zayne on the Torture Rack position for a modified GTS, which was followed by Bandido hitting the 21 Suplex. Despite that being his finisher, Bandido deadlifted Alex Zayne into a German Suplex to seal the deal and retain the Ring Of Honor World Heavyweight Championship.

After the match, Bandido did the gun taunt on Jonathan Gresham, teasing a possible title match between the two for a future date. In the meantime, Bandido will defend the Championship against his former Mexi-Squad Tag Team partner Demonic Flamita on Honor for All.

The match was an outstanding feat of athleticism and power for both Zayne & Bandido and it helped set up the possible mind-blowing matchup between the Leader of The Foundation & The Most Wanted Champion for what could be the last match for the promotion for at least 4 months. This segment was excellent.

Bandido defeats Alex Zayne via Pinfall, retains the ROH World Heavyweight Championship.

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