AEW: CM Punk and Eddie Kingston Feud Continuing is a Great Call

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At Full Gear, CM Punk battled Eddie Kingston in a hard-hitting contest full of blood, cursing, and violence. It played off of the real-life animosity between the two and felt more like a fight than a wrestling match. The conclusion of the match left more questions than answers seeming as if their feud will continue, which is exactly what AEW needs right now.

The match ended with CM Punk hitting the GTS on Kingston to secure the win. After the match, Punk offered his hand to Kingston in the hopes of ending their longstanding rivalry, but Kingston left the ring just a pissed-off as he came into it. This leaves the door open for more between the two and I for one couldn’t be happier.

Many of the biggest feuds in AEW that have carried the show for the past few weeks came to an end at Full Gear. Keeping this feud alive with Kingston not shaking CM Punk’s hand implies that there will be more to come between the two. A great call to give viewers who saw the pay-per-view and loved the match a desire to tune into Dynamite this week to find out what’s next and hopefully help boost those coveted ratings.

Both CM Punk and Eddie Kingston are masters on the microphone as displayed during their segment on AEW Rampage two weeks ago. In just one television segment, the two sold everyone on their match at Full Gear by delivering scathing verbal jabs at each other given their long storied history. The two were so fired up that they had to be held back from each other by many officials, a classic overused trope in modern wrestling but felt perfect on this occasion.

If we get to see more stuff like this between Eddie Kingston and CM Punk, nothing bad can come out of it for AEW. Their segment on Rampage was the talk of the internet for days following and their match at Full Gear did the same. The hard-hitting, violent, and bloody affair was refreshing on a card filled with incredible wrestling and whatever the hell the Inner Circle-ATT match was.

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A rumor that began circulating after the pay-per-view was that Kingston injured his shoulder and could be out of action for some time, to which Eddie quickly shot down.  As for CM Punk, he left a bloody mess and with his hand held out as Kingston refused to shake it following the defeat. All this means is that we are in for a treat when these two meet again whether that be on the microphone or in the ring. Kudos to AEW for continuing this feud past Full Gear as we look ahead to the next chapter between Eddie Kingston and CM Punk.