AEW: CM Punk’s eventual heel turn will be a big moment for the company

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Aug. 20, 2021, was a day that a lot of wrestling fans anticipated. They were waiting for CM Punk to return to wrestling. And for the first time since Jan. 26, 2014, Punk stepped in the ring once again but this it was in AEW during their Rampage The First Dance show in his hometown Chicago.

Once Cult of Personality played in the arena, Punk got a huge babyface reaction. He should be a babyface right now because fans were waiting for him to come back in the ring for so long, they won’t boo him right now. But once the hero’s welcome reception dies down in a year or two, he needs to become a heel in All Elite Wrestling because even though Punk is a great babyface, but he’s at his best when he’s a heel.

Why AEW should wait to turn Punk heel?

Despite getting some boos during his match against Eddie Kingston at Full Gear, Punk should not be a heel right now. His momentum as a babyface is still red hot. That will carry him to an AEW world title run in a year or two until Darby Allin beats him for the title. That’s when he should turn heel.

Once the turn goes in full effect, he will be a monster heel. Just look at his time in WWE. He was a heel twice. During the Straight Edge Society run, Punk would act like a cult leader who was trying to recruit people to his group which got some hate from Punk’s end.

So Punk would keep on doing the cult leader while being a Jesus type personal to make himself the most hated person in the ring. He got major heat when he was singing happy birthday in a creepy way to Rey Mysterio’s daughter Aalyah when she was nine.

Two years later, Punk became a heel again when he attacked The Rock. He would act like a spineless heel with Paul Heyman by his side. They would hire Brad Maddox to help Punk win his match against Ryback or when they hired the Shield to debut at Survivor Series 2012 to help Punk win his match against John Cena and Ryback.

In 2013, Punk crashed Mae Young’s birthday celebration and ignore everyone on the stage. During the Undertaker vs Punk WrestleMania 29 build, he would carry Paul Bearer’s urn with disrespect like bouncing the urn and spilling it. He was also being disrespectful to Bearer’s death. The two times he turned heel, it shows that he’s going to be a great heel.

How would AEW benefit from a Punk heel turn?

All Elite Wrestling
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If Punk turns heel on Allin, that will make him a major heel in the company quickly. Just think of the mic work that we could hear once he’s a bad guy. I can see talk about how he only came back to wrestling because AEW owner Tony Khan paid him a ton of money to come back.

He could say that he doesn’t care about the fans, he never cared about them, he only came back so he can take advantage of Khan’s money. He can talk bad about AEW how all of their wrestlers aren’t tough enough, and that he can beat them easier.

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There are so many ways that Punk can go with the heel turn, it really doesn’t matter. What matters is that we will see another huge heel run from CM Punk in the near future and I personally can not wait. He’s great as a babyface. But he’s awesome as a heel.