Dolph Ziggler and more would benefit if he stayed in NXT


Dolph Ziggler can continue to show the world in WWE NXT

It’s rare for WWE to do something that immediately energizes an audience around its product. That changed for a brief moment when Dolph Ziggler walked into the CWC during this week’s edition of WWE NXT. Interjecting himself into the angle between Bron Breakker and Santos Escobar. This may be a quick stop through as we’ve seen in the past, but it should lead to a long-term run for Ziggler in NXT that would energize the brand and his career at the same time.

Breakker and Escobar were in the ring when Ziggler’s music hit, proceeding him to take his seat at the table. Tommaso Ciampa, another NXT stalwart, felt left out and added his name to the situation, leading to an all-out brawl. But before that, Ziggler’s presence on television received something that it had not received in an awfully long time: genuine interest.

Whether wrestling fans want to realize it or not, Ziggler is one of the best performers in the business. WWE does not utilize him as such, as they do with many of their talents, but he has a host of accolades and big moments to point to that show otherwise. He could stand up to anyone when it comes to promos and in-ring action, regardless of which era or roster they are on.

Ziggler in NXT would help Ziggler, the brand, and Bobby Roode

Therefore, last night’s moment sparked interest in the idea of Ziggler having an NXT run like Finn Balor’s second run on the brand. Imagine some of the matches fans could see. Dolph Ziggler versus Santos Escobar, Tommaso Ciampa, KUSHIDA, WALTER, Pete Dunne, and more. Those are fresh matches that would give those individuals something to work toward while relieving Ziggler of the stagnation that has plagued his career for the last few years.

There’s an added benefit to the idea of Ziggler getting an extended run in NXT. This would free up Bobby Roode to have a singles run on the main roster. Roode is a strong singles player when given the opportunity to do so. WWE immediately overlooked that when he came to the main roster, seeing him as nothing more than a tag team guy. The main roster needs some new names to push as individuals and this is one avenue to building Roode in that position.

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Dolph Ziggler reminded fans of who he was in less than five minutes while his feet were kicked up on an NXT table. This is going to amount to a brief run that sees him put over Breakker for the NXT Championship. While that has some value, it would be much more beneficial for all parties involved if Ziggler stayed in the promotion for an extended run.