Charlotte Flair needs to lose the SmackDown Women’s Championship at WrestleMania

TORONTO, ON - AUGUST 30: Wrestling superstar Charlotte Flair attends the 2018 Fan Expo Canada at Metro Toronto Convention Centre on August 30, 2018 in Toronto, Canada. (Photo by Che Rosales/Getty Images)
TORONTO, ON - AUGUST 30: Wrestling superstar Charlotte Flair attends the 2018 Fan Expo Canada at Metro Toronto Convention Centre on August 30, 2018 in Toronto, Canada. (Photo by Che Rosales/Getty Images) /

Charlotte Flair is without a doubt one of the greatest female pro wrestlers of all time. Yes, she’s only been in the business for 10 years, but what she has accomplished in the biz up until this point is pretty much unprecedented. She deserves her props for sure. The thing is though, the women’s division in WWE has grown a tad stagnant since she won the championship. This is why Charlotte Flair needs to lose the SmackDown Women’s Championship at WrestleMania.

Covered in gold

Charlotte Flair has been women’s champion in many forms in WWE a total of 13 times, and that’s not including other titles she’s had in NXT. She’s pretty much done it all, and she is currently the SmackDown women’s champion quite obviously, and really, it has me thinking…maybe 13 is about enough for right now.

A controversial year

She has been in the news a lot over the course of 2021. Trust me I know. I’ve covered some of what went down. Starting with her issues with Nia Jax when the two women had a real altercation amidst the scripted portion of what was supposed to go down in the ring a few months back. The women decked each other hard enough to leave some swelling, even knocking a few fake eyelashes loose in the process. But this was swept under the rug, as things like this so often are in WWE.

It was a short time later that her old friend turned bitter rival Becky Lynch came back into the picture and they had their extremely uncomfortable encounter in the ring when the titles—the Raw and SmackDown women’s titles—were supposed to change hands. By now, this is of course old news, but it kind of helps me prove my point here so bear with me.

Here’s what Becky Lynch had to say shortly after their real-life rivalry exploded on the screen. These statements were made while she spoke to Sports Illustrated:

"“When you’ve got two people that are wanting to work together to make magic, then you make magic. Sometimes when there’s hostility, when you can’t trust the person, then you never know what’s going to happen. You always have to be on guard. It’s like a game of chess. You have to be thinking two steps, three steps, four steps ahead. What are they gonna do? How am I gonna handle it? If they do this, if they do that, whatever…This business is built on trust and working together that’s the art of it. That’s the beauty of it. If I make you look good, you make me look good. It’s an art. It’s a beautiful art, it’s an art I love more than anything. If people don’t know how to make that art, then it becomes difficult. It becomes tricky and you never really get the full potential. But there’s intrigue there, too, because we never know, was this meant to happen? Was that not meant to happen? What’s gonna go down? There’s interest in both ways. One way, it’s the beautiful pure art of pro wrestling. The other way is a bit of a s— show. So we’ll see what happens.”via Becky Lynch speaking to Sports Illustrated"

After this was said, she was asked by SI if she trusted Charlotte Flair, to which she simply replied: “No.”

So things are certainly dire. Only now it would seem that Charlotte Flair’s issues don’t simply stop with Nia Jax and Becky Lynch.

Ronda Rousey has made her return to the business after having her baby. She means to dethrone Charlotte at WrestleMania, having won the Royal Rumble and getting to choose as to who she would face at this year’s Mania.

And in a taped segment that is supposed to air on Friday but probably won’t, of a contract signing for a match between the team of Ronda Rousey and Naomi against Sonya Deville and Charlotte Flair at Elimination Chamber, that Charlotte botched yet another in-ring moment, taking the worst bump I’ve ever seen, and yes, even worse than the first time McMahon ever ate a Stone Cold Stunner.

Ronda’s goal to lift the entire division

Ronda Rousey’s goals in pro wrestling were clear from the start: To elevate the entirety of the women’s division. She‘s said it a million times: She doesn’t need the money; she doesn’t need to be there, but her being there elevates all of the women in WWE and causes them to be better. When Ronda’s there, it brings eyes to the division in ways that really aren’t the norm when she isn’t there. A bold statement, but a true one.

I like to equate Ronda Rousey’s influence to that of Brock Lesnar’s. When either of them is in the picture, ratings go up, and attention is garnered, and if you ask me, that is the person you want to stick the strap on; not the individual stirring the pot because they’re afraid of losing their spot.

This era of pro wrestling isn’t about that anymore. No offense to Hogan, but that’s why so many people hated him in the industry. He squashed a lot of people on the way to the top and even more of them to stay on top. Just ask the WCW locker room from back then in the mid to late nineties and they’ll tell you.

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And now it’s happening all over again with Miss. Flair. So, in closing, the absolute best thing for business and for the entirety of the women’s division in WWE is to put the strap on Ronda come WrestleMania 38.