Five things that need to happen at AEW Revolution

AEW, Hangman Page Credit: All Elite Wrestling
AEW, Hangman Page Credit: All Elite Wrestling /

AEW Revolution is shaping up to be a big event with important matchups across the card.

AEW is ready to kick off its first major PPV of 2022 with AEW Revolution on Sunday, March 6. The card is continuing to take shape, but the storylines heading into the PPV are well underway. With that in mind, here are five things that must happen at the showcase.

5. Hangman Page Leaves Revolution still World Champion

Some wrestling fans might argue that Hangman Pag’s chase for the AEW world title was more interesting than his current world title reign. Adam Page is one of the most popular wrestlers in AEW and has been with AEW since the beginning, which is why he must continue his reign as AEW world champion. AEW booking Page and Adam Cole right now could be a crucial match in Hangman Page’s title reign because both men have the chance to silence wrestling fans who might not be as interested in this feud as they should be.

The ending of this match should be interesting because the story centered around Cole being pulled between The Elite and his Undisputed Era friends. Hangman Page reuniting with The Bucks at the end of the PPV could help further a storyline that will be the center of AEW television in 2022.

4. MJF wins The Dog Collar Match

When CM Punk and MJF first came to verbal blows, a few fans questioned how AEW would keep the feud going until the next big AEW PPV. CM Punk and MJF have been the best part of AEW television for months, and now the two best talkers in the company will meet in a dog collar match that should be very entertaining. MJF used underhand tactics to win the first match, and now he will be forced into a match that will be brutal on his body. MJF emerging victorious in the Dog collar match does more for MJF than CM Punk, and that is why MJF must win this match and go on to feud with Adam Page for the world championship.

3. Britt Baker versus Thunder Rosa ends in a time-limit draw. 

This is a match that wrestling fans have been waiting forever since Britt Baker and Thunder Rosa clashed in the best light-out match AEW has had so far in their short history. The match last year was good, but at Revolution, they have the chance to outdo their match. Britt Baker and Thunder Rosa were destined to meet again in the ring, and now the time has come for them. Britt Baker will be on day 280 of her AEW women’s championship reign when Revolution PPV occurs.

Britt Baker Vs. Thunder Rosa is the rivalry that AEW should allow to carry their women’s division. To begin the build for match-three, Baker and Thunder Rosa should go the limit in this match and end the match with a time limit draw.

2. Keith Lee Wins Face of the Revolution Ladder match

At Revolution, AEW will have a ladder match to decide the next challenger for the TNT championship featuring six wrestlers. Keith Lee was the first to qualify for the match followed by Wardlow and Powerhouse Hobbs. AEW must build Keith Lee as a threat from the beginning, and having him go over in this match would be the perfect storyline.

The AEW roster is currently stacked with some of the best wrestlers in the world, which makes it a lot easier for wrestlers to get lost in the shuffle. AEW should learn from their past mistakes and make sure that if Keith Lee does win this ladder match he is in an exciting storyline that fans can get behind when it’s time for him to challenge the TNT champion.

1. Jay White Brings Bullet Club to AEW

Jay White is the current leader of the Bullet Club, and he has been making waves in the US in recent months because of him being involved in storylines on AEW and Impact Wrestling. Jay White was involved in a significant storyline Impact Wrestling No Surrender event where he turned on one of the founding members of the Bullet Club and was welcomed back in the Good Brothers. Jay White’s arrival in AEW will only cause drama between Adam Cole and Kenny Omega because all three men have history because of the Bullet Club. Adam Cole is currently involved in a storyline between the bucks and his former Undisputed Era buddies.

Jay White is the perfect person to come in and cause drama to cause tension in the factions. If AEW wants to create a big news story coming out of Revolution, then the Bullet club needs to debut in AEW at the end of the PPV event and make Adam and the bucks choose sides.