AEW Revolution: Three wrestlers that must win at the PPV


AEW’s first pay-per-view show of the year, Revolution, is just around the corner and on paper, it has the potential to be the best show in the company’s short history.

With so many intriguing matches on the card, Revolution promises to bring conclusions to some of AEW’s current programs, yet will also serve as a springboard to some of the others that still have stories left to tell.

Plenty of Revolution’s scheduled card has contests where both wrestlers will be fine moving forward no matter who comes out on top.

This card also offers a variety of wrestlers who need to win because of long droughts in important matches, but also wrestlers who need to win to prolong their program to get to the big payoff in weeks to come.

Who are the wrestlers most in need of a win at AEW Revolution?

Eddie Kingston

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, the wrestler most in need of a victory at Revolution is Eddie Kingston.

What makes AEW so appealing to so many of its fans is that the stories seem both personal and real.  And that is because the talent does a great job of incorporating real life into so many of its stories.

And they did so again last Wednesday when Chris Jericho called Eddie Kingston out for not being able to win the big one.

Since Kingston has come to AEW he has become one of the most popular wrestlers in the company.  And that popularity has been a driving factor in his place on the card, putting him in matches against the likes of CM Punk and Bryan Danielson and earning him title chances against both Miro and the Young Bucks (with Jon Moxley as his tag team partner).

Yet in all of these matches against some of the highest caliber opponents that AEW has to offer, Kingston has continuously found himself on the losing end when it mattered most.

On Sunday, Eddie Kingston is paired with the perfect opponent, Chris Jericho, to end his streak of losses.

Nothing Jericho does in the ring at this point moves the needle much for him.  Jericho is a legend of the sport in the final stages of his career.  So the best thing that Jericho can possibly do right now would be to use his star power to put other people over.

And on Sunday that is exactly what needs to happen when Eddie Kingston finally captures that elusive signature win in AEW.

Sting, Darby Allin, & Sammy Guevara

To be fair this is a lot less about Sting, Darby, and Sammy needing to win than it is about Andrade, Matt Hardy, and Isiah Kassidy needing to lose.

Matt Hardy’s frustration with Private Party and Isiah Kassidy, in particular, has been growing over the past month.  And with each loss, we are one step closer to the big payoff.  And this match at Revolution is a vital step towards that payoff.

It is all but a certainty that the members of the AHFO will lose this match and that Isiah Kassidy will be the one to take the pinfall.

This will only grow the tension between Kassidy and Hardy and a disagreement will ensue.

The following Wednesday on Dynamite things will come to a head, leading to Andrade and Private Party turning on Matt Hardy and starting to lay a beatdown on him.

This will of course lead to the AEW debut of Jeff Hardy, reuniting one of the greatest tag teams of all time and setting up what should be a really fun match with Private Party.

But to get to this spot, Sting, Darby Allin, and Sammy Guevara need to pick up the win first at Revolution.

Britt Baker

While 95% of the wrestling world is ready for and expecting Thunder Rosa to take down Britt Baker at Revolution to become the new AEW Women’s World Champion, it should not happen at Revolution.

This story and all its moving parts feel like it has more to tell heading into the big show on March 6th.

And the fact that AEW Dynamite will be in San Antonio, Texas, the hometown of Thunder Rosa, on March 16th, just ten days after Revolution is just too perfect to ignore.

At Revolution, we should get another Mercedes Martinez turn, costing Thunder Rosa the match, and seemingly prolonging the title reign of Britt Baker for months to come.

The following Wednesday on Dynamite the heels should have an in-ring party celebrating Baker’s successful defense, only to be interrupted by Thunder Rosa.

Rosa can then announce that the following week, due to the interference in their match at Revolution that AEW will have its first-ever women’s steel cage match with the AEW Women’s Title on the line in Thunder Rosa’s hometown of San Antonio.

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It is there that Thunder Rosa should dethrone Britt Baker and become the new AEW Women’s World Champion.