WrestleManina: Five wrestlers without direction before the big show

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Wrestlemania 38 is only a couple of weeks away, and the WWE has been working to make sure that this Wrestlemania is memorable. The WWE has decided to make Wrestlemania a two-night event, which means that they will need to fill up the card for two nights. The WWE has some of the best wrestlers globally, but they can’t focus on everyone on the roster. Some of the best wrestlers on the roster currently don’t have any plans or critical storylines heading into the year’s biggest event. In this article, I will be discussing the five wrestlers with no direction heading into Wrestlemania 38.

5. Alexa Bliss

The WWE brought Alexa Bliss back in time for the road to Wrestlemania, which got fans excited because Alexa Bliss is one of the fan favorites in WWE. Alexa competed in the Elimination Chamber match and looked great in the match. Alexa Bliss would then disappear from television. The WWE has to realize that they are wasting Alexa Bliss’s talent because she has the star power to help push the women’s division in the right direction.

4. The Street Profits

The Street Profits are one of the best tag teams in WWE right now, and anybody that watches Monday Night Raw can see that. It is unclear what direction WWE will go to their tag team division at this year’s Wrestlemania right now. Over the last couple of weeks, the focus has been on RK-Bro and The Alpha Academy, but WWE would be wise to add the Street Profits to the match because they could add energy to a feud. The street profits is a team that fans can get behind without having weeks of storyline build-up. The WWE needs to focus on their tag team division because they have the talent to make the division entertaining.

3. Robert Roode

Bobby Roode should have been a multiple-time WWE world champion by now, but for some reason, he has been put into a tag team with Dolph Ziggler. Dolph Ziggler is getting a lot of attention because he recently won the NXT championship. However, this has left Robert Roode feeling like a sidekick to Dolph. The WWE should allow Roode to be the Robert Roode that fans saw when he first came to NXT because that is the best version of Roode. This year’s Wrestlemania feels more like a step back for WWE because great wrestlers like Roode are left off of the Wrestlemania card.

2. Shayna Baszler

Shayna Baszler has often been featured at the top of the WWE’s Women’s division due to her great in-ring ability. Shayna Baszler has what it takes to be a massive star in WWE because she is believable because of her MMA background. The WWE could have Shayna work as a heel or babyface and get the job done. Baszler currently doesn’t have a match lined up for Wrestlemania, but hopefully, that changes as we start to get closer to Wrestlemania.

1. Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins is one of the biggest names in the WWE, and he currently has no plans for Wrestlemania. The WWE has been known to surprise fans and let fans down, but when it comes to Seth Rollins, he has to have a crucial match at Wrestlemania because he is one of the top guys in the company. There has been talking that Cody Rhodes could be making his return to the WWE, and that could make for a great storyline because of Seth Rollins being the first WWE NXT champion and working some close to Dusty Rhodes in the early days of NXT.

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The WWE would be wise to go In this direction because it would be a must-see match at Mania. The WWE needs something that can get the fans talking, and having Cody Rhodes return and face Seth Rollins could create a much-needed buzz for the WWE. Not having one of the best wrestlers in the world not be featured at Wrestlemania could be a mistake that WWE shouldn’t make.