Impact Rebellion 2022 results: Josh Alexander wins gold


Tonight is the big Impact Wrestling pay-per-view, Rebellion. It is headlined by Moose defending his Impact World Championship against the number one contender, Josh Alexander. Rosemary will also challenge Tasha Steelz for her Knockouts Championship. Jonah goes one-on-one with Tomohiro Ishii, Deonna Purrazzo faces Taya Valkyrie, and Jay White, Steve Maclin, and Chris Sabin collide in a triple threat match.

Also announced for the show, Trey Miguel defends his X-Division Championship against “Speedball” Mike Bailey and Ace Austin, in what is sure to be an exciting match, and Violent By Design defends their Impact Tag Team Championships against seven other tag teams. The show looks stacked, here’s how it played out.

On the pre-show, Eddie Edwards beat Chris Bey in a fantastic one-on-one match, and The Influence retained their Impact Knockouts Tag-Team Champions over the IInspiration in another solid pre-show match. The main show starts with a hype video for tonight’s show. After the video, Jay White makes his entrance.

Jay White vs Steve Maclin vs Chris Sabin

Following White’s entrance, Maclin makes his way down to the ring sporting some new attire and some awesome-looking face paint, followed by Chris Sabin. When the bell rings, the three men look at each other and Maclin makes his way towards White. White rolls to the outside of the ring, leaving Maclin and Sabin inside.

After some antics from White, the match finally starts when Maclin takes down Sabin. Sabin hits a dropkick on Maclin and pins him for a two-count. Sabin sends Maclin outside the ring and takes both him and White out with a flip from the apron.

Sabin stays on Maclin and sends him back into the ring. He hits a cross-body on Maclin from the top rope for a two-count. Sabin charges at Maclin but Maclin sends him over the top rope. Maclin hits a suicide dive on Sabin and beats up on Jay White inside the ring.

Maclin hits a backbreaker on White for a two-count. Maclin and White fight some more on the outside of the ring, and Maclin back body drops White onto the apron. Sabin then takes out Maclin with a kick to the knee. Sabin tried to take the fight to White, but White smashes Sabin’s ribs on the apron.

White takes out Maclin as well by sending him into the turnbuckle pole. White sends Maclin back into the ring and continues taking the fight to Maclin. Sabin enters the ring and hits Maclin with a clothesline. White takes out Sabin with a move of his own and beats up on Sabin for a good majority of the match.

White sends Sabin into the turnbuckle, but Maclin makes his way back into the ring. As White gets distracted by Maclin, Sabin takes both men out with a high-risk move from the top rope. Maclin takes out White with a clothesline and sends him outside the ring, but he quickly makes his way right back into the ring.

Sabin goes to lift Maclin for the Cradle Shock, but Maclin counters and is able to get out of it. White hits a DDT on Maclin for a two-count. White is able to hit a blade buster on Sabin for only a two-count. He follows that up with another move on Maclin for another close two-count.

Sabin and White make their way to the top rope. As White goes to superplex Sabin from the top, Maclin tries to get underneath, to no avail. Sabin is able to fight out of it and leave White in a tree of woe. Maclin positions Sabin in a tree of woe on the other side of the ring.

Maclin is able to take out White with a spear, but when he tries to hit Sabin with one, Sabin moves out of the way and Maclin goes flying out of the ring. Sabin hits a running kick on White and lifts him up for the cradle shock, White counters with a german suplex and attempts a Bladerunner.

Sabin counters with a roll-up for two. Sabin is finally able to hit the Cradle Shock on White after a whole bunch of cool counters, but when he goes to pin White, Maclin comes out of nowhere and pins Sabin for the three-count. This was a great match to kick off the show.

Winner: Steve Maclin

After the match, we see the announcers for the evening and they introduce themselves. We also see a rundown of the remaining matches on the show. Impact shows Alexander and his family entering the arena and his wife is giving him a pep talk, with Scott D’Amore also chiming in with a pep talk of his own. This was a nice segment. A hype video is shown of Purrazzo and Valkyrie’s upcoming match.

AAA Reina De Reinas Championship: Deonna Purrazzo (c) vs Taya Valkyrie

Taya Valkyrie makes her way out to the ring first. She is followed out by “The Virtuosa,” Deonna Purrazzo. Purrazzo is still sporting both the AAA and the ROH Women’s Championships. The match starts off with a lock-up between the two women.

After a feeling-out process of sorts, Valkyrie takes out Purrazzo with a dropkick. She pins her for a two-count.  Valkyrie stays on the attack, hitting her famous snap German suplex off the ropes. Valkyrie beat up on Purrazzo on the outside for a little while, but Purrazzo was able to counter and send Valkrie into the ring post.

Purrazzo sends Valkyrie back into the ring and stays on the attack. Purrazzo locked in her submission hold, but Valkyrie countered out of it. Both women make their way back out to the floor and Purrazzo slams Valkyrie’s back into the apron to regain control of the match.

Both women make their way back into the ring and start screaming at each other and throwing punches. Valkyrie is able to connect with a knee to the face of Purrazzo and pins her for a two-count. Valkyrie attempts her finisher, but Purrazzo counters with a kick of her own and hits a standing moonsault on Valkyrie for a two-count.

Purrazzo locks in her armbar, but Valkyrie reaches the ropes. Valkyrie makes her way to the middle rope but Purrazzo is able to meet her up there. Valkyrie tries to powerbomb Purrazzo, but Purrazzo counters and jumps on her, but Valkyrie counters that counter with a sit-down powerbomb for a two-count.

Valkyrie locks in a cross-legged STF, but Purrazzo was able to counter into a leg bar. Purrazzo gets a near fall on Valkyrie after she turns her inside out with a big move. Purrazzo tries to hit her finishing move, but Valkyrie counters with her own and pins Purrazzo to win the title.

Winner: And New AAA Reina De Reinas Champion, Taya Valkyrie

After the match, we see Gia Miller backstage interviewing Tasha Steelz. Steelz says welcome back to Taya. Steelz also says that even though Valkyrie has a title, she will always have the title. Steelz tells Rosemary that she will stand over her, still the Impact Knockouts Champion. We also see a hype video for the upcoming X-Division match.

X-Division Championship: Trey Miguel (c) vs Ace Austin vs “Speedball” Mike Bailey

Ace Austin makes his way out to the ring first, he is followed by Mike Bailey and Trey Miguel. The match starts off with Austin trying to partner up with Bailey, but both Bailey and Miguel take out Ace Austin. They take turns kicking Austin in the back.

Bailey finally tries to pin Miguel but Miguel kicks out. Bailey is able to take the fight to both men and use some high-flying offense. After some more high octane offense, Austin stops Bailey in his tracks. Miguel takes out Austin with a suicide dive. Bailey takes out both men with a moonsault from the top rope.

The fight moves back into the ring and Austin takes out both men. Austin does a good job of grounding Miguel. Bailey tries to get back into it, but Austin does a good job at grounding him as well. Bailey finally is able to send Austin outside, Miguel hits a flying cutter on Austin on the outside which was very cool.

Ace Austin is able to work his way back into the ring and calls for his finisher on Miguel, but Miguel pins him with a roll-up for a two-count. Bailey hits a moonsault on Austin, which leads to Miguel hitting a hurricanrana off the apron onto Bailey.

Miguel throws Bailey back into the ring and makes his way to the top rope. Austin kicks Miguel while he’s on the top, and makes his way to the top rope with him. Miguel attempts a sunset flip powerbomb, but Bailey uses Miguel’s waist, and german suplexes Austin from the top rope, another amazing spot.

Bailey is able to hit a double knee move onto both Miguel and Austin at the same time. Bailey hits his finishing move on Austin, but Miguel is able to break the pin at two. Bailey kicks Miguel to the outside and calls for his finisher again on Austin.

He hits his kick on Austin, but Miguel rolls him up for a two-count. Miguel hits a brainbuster on Bailey and hits his finishing move on Bailey for a very close two-count. Austin is able to pull the referee just in time. Austin hits his finishing move on Miguel and pins him to win the X-Division Championship.

Winner: And New X-Division Champion, Ace Austin

After the match, we see Eddie Edwards and Honor No More cut a promo about how they will win the Impact Tag Team Championship. We also see a new promo for an unnamed wrestler who is coming soon. It looks like someone has a list of some Impact talent they want to take out.

Jonah vs  Tomohiro Ishii

Jonah makes his way out to the ring first, followed by Tomohiro Ishii. The match starts off with both men going face-to-face and throwing punches and chops. Ishii charges at Jonah from every angle he could in the ring, but he wasn’t able to get him off his feet.

Jonah is able to take Ishii off his feet with a shoulder block. He then hits Ishii again with a body block and takes him down again. Jonah stays on the offense and takes control of the match over the Japanese legend.

Jonah grounds Ishii for the majority of the match. He pounds Ishii to keep him down, but Ishii is able to fight back into it and tells Jonah to hit him more. Ishii gets sent to the corner by Jonah, and charges back at him with a shoulder tackle.

Ishii attempts to German suplex Jonah, but this doesn’t work. Jonah charges at Ishii in the corner, but Ishii moves and tries to hit his famous brainbuster. Jonah counters and hits a body slam of his own on Ishii. Ishii hits a lariat on Jonah and is able to gain some momentum back.

Ishii lights up the chest of Jonah with chops and punches. Jonah is able to reverse and hits a bunch of shoulder tackles into the mid-section of Ishii. Jonah sends Ishii to the corner and hits him with a splash before launching him across the ring.

Jonah hits Ishii with a kick to the head, but this just seems to anger him. Ishii takes down Jonah with kicks to the knee and attempts another brainbuster, but Jonah is able to counter and hits a toss on Ishii, followed by a senton for a two-count.

Jonah attempts a Jonah Bomb, but Ishii is able to fight out of it and hits a German suplex on Jonah. Both men are down on the mat and the referee starts the count to 10, but both men were able to make it by the count of 10. Jonah is able to take down Ishii with a clothesline, but Ishii jumps right back up and hits a clothesline of his own on Jonah.

Ishii attempts a basement lariat, but Jonah catches him and takes him down with a shoulder tackle. Jonah hits a headbutt on Ishii and follows that up with a Jonah Bomb for a two-count. He hits Ishii with a clothesline for a two-count right after.

Jonah is able to hit a spear on Ishii and makes his way to the top rope. He attempts a splash, but Ishii moves out of the way. Ishii hits a basement lariat on Jonah for a two-count. Ishii hits headbutts on Jonah and hits a brainbuster on Jonah for the three-count.

Winner: Tomohiro Ishii

After the match, Ishii and Jonah display some respect toward each other. We also see a hype video for the upcoming match for the Impact Tag Team Championship match.

Impact Tag Team Championship: Eight-Team Eliminator Match

The first team to make their way down to the ring is Brian Myers and Matt Cardona, the Major Players. They are accompanied by Chelsea Green. The second team revealed is Jordynne Grace and W. Morrisey.

Grace and Myers start out the match for their respective teams. Grace takes the fight to Myers immediately. Grace makes the tag into Morrisey, and Myers gets scared and tags in Cardona. Cardona and Morrisey take the fight to each other instantly. Morrisey is able to take out Cardona before tagging in Grace again. Cardona rolls up Grace out of nowhere and eliminates Grace and Morrisey.

Grace and Morrisey take out the Major Players after they get eliminated and Morrisey hits them both with a double chokeslam. Grace takes them both out with a suicide dive but gets jumped by Chelsea Green after. Morrisey tries to put Myers through a table, but Cardona makes the save.

Morrisey goes to put Cardona through a table, but Green tries to low blow him. Morrisey reveals he was wearing a cup and Grace throws Green into Morrisey. Morrisey powerbombs Green through the table at ringside. Cardona and Myers check on Green as the next team makes their entrance.

The Good Brothers are the third team in the match. The Good Brothers take out both Major Players on the outside of the ring. Gallows hits a superkick on Myers outside the ring. Cardona is in the ring begging them to not hurt him. The Good Brothers hit a Magic Killer on Cardona and pin him to advance.

The fourth team is revealed to be Johnny Swinger and Zicky Dice. Gallows and Anderson quickly take the fight to Swinger and Dice. Dice inadvertently takes out Swinger and The Good Brothers hit the Magic Killer on Dice to pin him and eliminate Johnny Swinger and Zicky Dice.

The fifth team is revealed to be Rich Swann and Willie Mack. The Good Brothers meet them on the ramp, but Mack and Swann run right past them into the ring and take them both out with a flip over the top rope. Swann and Anderson are the legal men to start out the match. Swann is hot,  but Anderson quickly puts a stop to his offense.

Swann is able to drop Anderson out of nowhere and regains the momentum in the match. Swann makes the tag into Mack and the two double-team Anderson. Mack tags in Swann and continues to beat up on Anderson. Anderson is able to counter and use some heel tactics to gain the upper hand in the match.

Anderson tags in Gallows and the two beat up on Swann. Swann is able to fight back, but Gallows stops him in his tracks. Gallows is in firm control over Swann in the match. Gallows tags in Anderson and he charges at Swann in the corner, but Swann is able to move out of the way.

Anderson tags in Gallows and Gallows stops Swann from tagging out. Swann is finally able to tag in Willie Mack and Mack comes in hot. Mack hits a Samoan drop on Anderson and follows that up with a standing moonsault for a two-count. Anderson is able to hit a spinebuster on Mack for a two-count.

Gallows comes into the ring and the two attempt a Magic Killer on Mack, but Swann breaks it up and Mack sends Gallows out of the ring. Mack hits his finisher on Anderson but gets just a two-count. Mack makes his way to the top but is met by Anderson.

Mack headbutts Anderson, but Gallows is able to knock off Mack and take out Swann in the process. Gallows and Anderson are able to hit the Magic Killer on Willie Mack and pick up the victory. The Good Brothers eliminate Willie Mack and Rich Swann and move on to the next team.

The sixth team announce is Matt Taven and Mike Bennett. Vincent and Kenny King make their way out to the ring, which causes the OGK to attack the Good Brothers from behind and eliminate them instantly. Matt Taven takes everyone out who’s on the outside. The Good Brothers hit a Magic Killer to Taven on the floor.

The seventh team is revealed to be Heath and Rhino. They pick up Taven, but Bennett attacks them both on the outside. Rhino throws Taven into the ring and takes the fight to him. Rhino tags in Heath quickly and he beats up more on Bennett.

OGK use some heel tactics to get back into the match and are now in control of Heath. Heath is finally able to tag in a fresh Rhino, and he comes in hot. Bennett sends Heath into Rhino on accident. Rhino hits a gore on Taven out of nowhere and eliminates the OGK.

The eighth and final team is Violent By Design. VBD make their way out to the ring and Eric Young and Rhino fight right away. Rhino takes out both Young and Doering, but Young quickly recovers and takes the fight to Rhino. Young tags in Doering and he continues to beat up on Rhino.

Doering makes the tag back to Young and he comes in and continues to beat down Rhino. VBD uses some heel tactics to control the match, but Rhino is able to make his way out of the corner and take the fight to both members of Violent By Design. Rhino and Young collide which allows Rhino to make the tag to Heath.

Heath comes in the match fresh and takes out both Young and Doering. Heath calls for a piledriver, but Young counters. Heath hits a Wake-up Call on Young and goes for the pin, but Deaner places Young’s foot on the bottom rope.

Heath hits a power slam on Young and attempts a pinfall, but it gets broken up by Doering. Rhino enters the ring and takes out Doering. He calls for a Gore on Young, but Doering prevents him from hitting it. He pulls Rhino outside and throws him face-first to the ring post.

Young is finally able to hit a piledriver on Heath after multiple counters and pins him to pick up the victory for his team.

Winners: And Still Impact Tag Team Champions, Violent By Design

After the match, we see Moose and Josh Alexander getting ready for their match tonight. We also see a hype video for the upcoming Knockouts Championship match between Tasha Steelz and Rosemary.

Impact Knockouts Championship: Tasha Steelz (c) vs Rosemary

Rosemary makes her way down to the ring and is accompanied by her Decay partner, Havok. Steelz makes her way down to the ring next, accompanied by Savannah Evans. Rosemary charges at Steelz right away and takes the fight to her instantly.

Rosemary rains down punches on Steelz and completely is in control of the match. Rosemary locks in a submission move using the ropes but she had to break it before the count of five. Rosemary locks in another submission move, but Steelz was able to get her feet on the ropes.

Steelz moves to the outside of the ring and meets with Havok on the outside. She slaps Havok and Havok puts her hands on Steelz, this causes the official to eject Havok. Steelz is able to hit a suicide dive on Rosemary while all this is going on. Steelz regains control of the match.

Steelz locks in a submission move on Rosemary. However, Rosemary is able to make it back to her feet with Steelz on her back. Steelz hits a double knee to the face move on Rosemary to keep momentum in her favor. Rosemary bites Steelz’s butt and fights back into the match.

The two women start punching each other and Rosemary is able to gain the upper hand. Rosemary takes out Steelz with clotheslines and seems to have the champion reeling. Rosemary charges at Steelz in the corner and is able to hit her with a forearm to the face.

Steelz attempts a cutter on Rosemary, but Rosemary counters. Steelz is able to hit a bulldog type of move on Rosemary for a two-count. Steelz grabs the title, and while the ref is yelling at her to put the title away, Evans takes out Rosemary with a kick to the face. Steelz hits a Blackout on Rosemary but Rosemary is able to kick out.

Steelz makes her way to the top rope, but she crashes and burns. Evans gets hit with green mist by Rosemary. Rosemary hits a spear on Steelz and pins her for a two-count. Steelz hits a cutter on Rosemary from the top rope and hits her finishing move on Rosemary to retain the Knockouts Championship.

Winner: And Still Knockouts Champion, Tasha Steelz

After the match, Havok makes her way down to the ring to clear the house and protect Rosemary. Evans and Steelz make their way back up the ramp while posing with the Impact Knockouts Championship. We see a hype video for the next PPV in Impact, Slammiversary, which will take place in Nashville.

Impact then aires the video package ahead of the final match of the night, the main event match between Impact World Champion Moose, and Josh Alexander.

Impact World Championship: Moose (c) vs Josh Alexander

Josh Alexander makes his way down to the ring accompanied by his son who is also wearing his ring gear; this was a cute moment. Moose makes his way out to the ring next, and he stares at Alexander’s family to play mind games with Alexander. The announcer then does his introductions.

The match starts off with a staredown between the two men. Moose throws a punch, but Alexander is able to duck and take Moose down and hit him with elbows and knees to the ribs and abdomen. Alexander locks in an ankle lock right away, but Moose scatters out of the ring to regroup.

It’s a pretty even match in the beginning. Both men got good shots in on each other. Alexander sends Moose to the outside again and Moose makes his way over to Alexander’s family. Alexander beats up Moose on the outside, but Moose is able to hit a big boot on Alexander to regain control of the match.

Moose sends Alexander back into the ring and continues controlling the pace and the match in its entirety. Alexander tries to fight back but to no avail. Josh Alexander is able to send Moose into the ring post on the outside. Moose however lifts Alexander up in a powerbomb position and sends him headfirst into the steel barricade.

Alexander is able to make his way inside the ring before the count of 10 to stay in the match. Alexander is able to fight back into the match when he hits Moose with a big boot to the face knocking Moose off his feet. Alexander stomps Moose and sends him outside again.

Alexander follows him and throws him back into the ring quickly. He hits a cross body on Moose knocking him to the floor. Alexander throws Moose back into the ring and is in firm control of this match. Alexander attempts his finisher but Moose is able to block.

Alexander hits ten German suplexes in a row on Moose without releasing the grip. This was an insanely cool spot, Alexander is incredible. Alexander sets Moose up for his finisher again, but once again Moose blocks and back body drops him over his head.

Moose hits a Sky-High out of the corner on Alexander for a two-count. Moose calls for the spear, but Alexander counters and hits the 11th German suplex. Moose jumps up and charges at Alexander, but Alexander ducks and locks in the ankle lock on Moose.

Moose is able to reach the bottom rope and both men look exhausted at this point. Moose kicks Alexander in the head multiple times which only ticks off Alexander. Alexander and Moose go face-to-face in the middle of the ring again.

The two men start exchanging chops at each other, with neither giving up. The two start exchanging forearms and that ends with Moose hitting a uranage on Alexander. Alexander jumps up, rips off his headgear, and the two start punching each other. Alexander hits his finisher on Moose and pins him.

Moose is able to get his foot on the bottom rope to break up the pin. Alexander attempts his finisher again, but Moose counters this time and spears Alexander into the turnbuckle. Moose bites Alexander’s ear and superplexes him off the top rope down to the mat.

Moose attempts a spear, but Alexander catches him and hits him with a Styles Clash. Alexander then jumps up and locks in the ankle lock on Moose. Moose is able to get out of it and sends Alexander into an exposed turnbuckle. Moose hits a spear and pins Alexander but Alexander kicks out at two and three quarters.

Moose stomps on Alexander’s head and both men are completely exhausted at this point. Moose exposes another turnbuckle and buckle bombs Alexander on it. Moose attempts a spear, but Alexander blocks it with a knee to the skull of Moose. Alexander hits his finisher one final time and pins Moose to become the new Impact World Champion.

Winner: And New Impact World Champion, Josh Alexander

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After the match, Alexander’s family celebrates with him in the ring. Josh shows his son the Impact Championship and his wife places it around his waist. Rebellion ends with Josh Alexander standing tall with his family as the new Impact World Champion.