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Used by permission of Paris VanDale. /

Paris Van Dale is a current independent wrestling star, taking over the New England area. She is taking the wrestling world by storm in the early part of her career. Van Dale started wrestling in March of 2020 and hasn’t looked back since.

The Beginning of Paris Van Dale

Growing up, Van Dale had two older brothers who were big wrestling fans. It wasn’t easy for her to not watch it growing up. “I watched Eddie Guerrero take on Rey Mysterio for the custody of Dominick and the wildness of that match really drew me to professional wrestling,” says Van Dale. “It’s the first thing I really remember.”

She was also a fan of Randy Orton and CM Punk. When the women’s revolution started happening she enjoyed watching Paige, Sasha Banks, AJ Lee, and Charlotte. Training to be a wrestler was always something Van Dale dreamed about.

“I’ve never really pursued it seriously,” says Van Dale. “But, then I watched Sasha Banks vs Bayley at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn, and I realized I had to do this. My dream had turned into a goal.” Shortly after this match, Van Dale began looking up schools and found the New England Pro Wrestling Academy.

“This was the school that Sasha Banks had trained at when it was the Chaotic Training Center,” says Van Dale. “It was the perfect fit, the match that inspired me to want to begin training, and the same school she trained at, it was the perfect fit.”

Van Dale decided that once she turned 18, she was going to sign up. “I found out they were doing a fantasy camp that summer,” says Van Dale. “I signed up for it and the rest is history.”

Paris Van Dale Joins New England Pro Wrestling Academy

“The environment is so positive,” says Van Dale. “We’re all competitive but we are all friends, so it’s a friendly competition of sorts.” When Van Dale first started training at the New England Pro Wrestling Academy, two people who really helped her a lot were Anthony Greene and Ava Everett.

“They were always so willing to stay after and help me,” says Van Dale. She also recalled all the times that Greene and Everett would let her tag along with them, whether it be going to shows they were on, or just helping her get booked. “It was nice to have two people already so established helping someone who really had no idea what she was getting into. They still help me to this day.”

Van Dale’s first match came in March of 2020. It was anything but a normal match. “My first match was against Gabby Gilbert at WSU. It was a week before the shutdown so there were no crowds.” Van Dale says that this was very interesting and much more nerve-wracking than being in front of a live crowd.

“You feed off the crowd’s energy, and without that, it’s very interesting,” says Van Dale. After her first match, Van Dale had to wait four to six months before having her next match, due to the shutdown.”

Van Dale was very excited to wrestle in front of a crowd. “It was different because I was so used to not wrestling in front of a crowd,” says Van Dale. “Getting that true adrenaline rush of performing in front of people was interesting to navigate. All I had known was no crowds.”

Becoming The Total Diva

After trying out a couple of different gimmicks, and nicknames. Paris Van Dale became the “Total Diva.” Coming up with this gimmick was fairly easy for Van Dale. “I love the feeling of getting people to hate me,” says Van Dale. “It fuels me more than actually getting people to cheer me and love me.”

Van Dale finds it very fun getting to annoy people. “It makes me so happy [laughs],” says Van Dale. Growing up, Van Dale was also a big fan of the Diva era in the WWE. “Their charisma, style, outlandish personalities were so fun,” says Van Dale. Van Dale is also a big fan of the reality show “Total Divas” as well.

“I would always joke around with Armani Kayos, and we would talk about how we were divas so it was fitting,” says Van Dale. Prior to being the Total Diva, Van Dale was the brunette barbie for a little while, but that “didn’t go anywhere.” “I was like okay, I love the divas, I love the reality show, so why not be the Total Diva?”

Paris Van Dale Takes Chaotic Wrestling By Storm

Paris Van Dale has become a mainstay of sorts with the popular New England-based wrestling promotion, Chaotic Wrestling. “It’s amazing working with the talented wrestlers there,” says Van Dale. “It helped me grow and I learned so much from not only watching them wrestle but wrestling them myself. I’m very thankful for getting the opportunity to wrestle the amazing people they have there.”

In a more recent match of hers, Van Dale got the opportunity to wrestle Anthony Greene in a singles match. This was one of her favorite moments in Chaotic Wrestling. “I looked up to him for so long,” says Van Dale. “He helped me a lot.”

In only her third or fourth match, Van Dale wrestled Greene in a tag match when she and Armani Kayos, who formed the Higher Society, took on Anthony Greene and Ava Everett. “I was so new so I didn’t really know who I was at the time,” says Van Dale. “But, to get to see the growth and get to wrestle him again as the new me, was a lot of fun.”

That match was one of the first matches the Higher Society had. The Higher Society consisted of Armani Kayos and Paris Van Dale. They began teaming up shortly after Van Dale made her debut in 2020 and took Chaotic Wrestling by storm. “Armani and I had started training very close together,” says Van Dale. “We kind of just clicked right away.”

Kayos and Van Dale would joke about being a tag team, and as it got closer to them both debuting and getting ready to be on shows, they figured why not try it. “We have a natural chemistry and we were just so close,” says Van Dale. “It was just our true friendship through training.”

Van Dale gives Kayos credit for coming up with the name “Higher Society.” “We needed a name and we both knew we were arrogant and above everyone else, so he says why not Higher Society,” says Van Dale. “I liked it so we ran with it.”

However, the Higher Society would come to an end. In late 2021, Van Dale decided it was time to change things up and became close with Gal Barkay. Van Dale would turn on Kayos to side with Gal and the two have been inseparable ever since.

“Gal is from Israel,” says Van Dale. “He met Chase Del Monte on a tour of the UK and they hit it off.” Barkay made his move to the states shortly after that to begin training at the New England Pro Wrestling Academy. “Kayos and I were trying to find a third higher, we didn’t find anyone who really fit,” says Van Dale.

As time went on, Van Dale and Kayos outgrew each other. “I felt like we had done everything that Higher Society could have done,” says Van Dale. “There wasn’t a purpose for us to be together anymore. He may not like how it went down, but I had to do what I had to do.”

Van Dale goes on to say that she and Gal Barkay have been very successful as of late, “maybe a little bit more than Higher Society ever was.” This led to Van Dale and Armani Kayos having a match at Cold Fury in April of 2022. Cold Fury is the biggest show of the year for Chaotic Wrestling.

“Kayos hits very hard but I hit very hard too,” says Van Dale. “We know each other very well, but I’m a little bit smarter than him.” Van Dale would change their Cold Fury match last minute and made it a tag-team match. Instead of Paris Van Dale vs Armani Kayos, it was now Paris Van Dale and Gal Barkay taking on Shannon LeVangie and Armani Kayos.

Van Dale says she made it a tag-team match because she felt that Armani “didn’t deserve to be in the ring with her.” The match ended up with Van Dale and Barkay being victorious. “Armani may not be happy about that, but maybe he will get a singles match in the future,” says Van Dale. “For now I won and proved to everyone that I was the better higher.”

Getting to wrestle at Cold Fury was Van Dale’s favorite moment at Chaotic Wrestling, so far. “I’ve done so many cool things, wrestled Davienne, Anthony Greene, Armani and I won the Women’s Championship and made our own title, got to wrestle our trainers, but getting to wrestle at Cold Fury was amazing,” says Van Dale.

“It was a feeling I never got to experience yet, but now I have,” says Van Dale. Cold Fury had over 300 ticket pre-sales and had a lot more people come the day of the show to buy tickets at the door. “That was probably the biggest crowd I’ve gotten to wrestle in front of, thus far.”

“Cold Fury is our biggest show of the year,” says Van Dale. “I can’t wait to continue to make more Cold Fury moments in my future with Chaotic Wrestling.” Aside from Chaotic Wrestling, Paris Van Dale has been making a name for herself at another big wrestling promotion, WWR+.

Paris Van Dale at WWR+

In her debut at WWR+, Van Dale teamed with her tag team partner at the time, Armani Kayos to take on Team Sea Stars. The Higher Society came up just short, but this was the start of Van Dale’s time in WWR+. “I love wrestling there,” says Van Dale. “I think it’s so cool what they’re doing.”

WWR+ is one of the top women’s wrestling promotions on the independent wrestling scene. “Women’s wrestling has come so far, but there’s still a lot left to accomplish,” says Van Dale. “Before there used to be two to four women per card, now there are more companies starting to involve a lot more women on their shows.”

WWR+ is a promotion in which every single match is all women or has a woman in the match. “Five years ago, this was a little less common, but now that it’s more accepted, this is something that is really helpful for women on the wrestling scene.”

Van Dale credits the Sea Stars with being a great women’s tag team. “Getting to wrestle them was really exciting and beneficial for me,” says Van Dale. “Getting to wrestle Karen Bam Bam was also really fun, I really liked that match.”

However, Van Dale’s favorite moment was getting to wrestle Shannon LeVangie at WWR+, in February of 2022. “That’s one of my favorite matches I’ve had in recent memory,” says Van Dale. This was Van Dale’s first singles match she’s had at WWR+. “After the match, the crowd was very surprised at what I could do in a singles match and that I’m not just a tag-team wrestler.”

Intergender Wrestling

Paris Van Dale is also a big fan of intergender wrestling and has a lot of intergender matches herself. “I personally love intergender wrestling,” says Van Dale. “I know a lot of people don’t, everyone has different tastes.”

One thing Van Dale likes about intergender wrestling is that it gives wrestlers more chances to open up different levels of their creativity and how they approach their matches. “One thing I hope is that we stop separating men’s and women’s wrestling. I hope one day we can all just be wrestlers.”

“We all train the same, and I hope someday all wrestling can be accepted and respected,” says Van Dale. “Wrestling is storytelling, no matter who’s in it. If a match is good and entertaining, why does it matter if it’s a men’s, women’s, or an intergender match? I love intergender wrestling and I hope it eventually gets the respect that it deserves.”

What’s Next For The Total Diva?

“I just hope I can continue to wrestle everywhere and anywhere.” Paris Van Dale would love to get out of New England and go to more all-women’s promotions as well. “Mission Pro, Capital Championship Wrestling, just to name a couple.”

“I’d love to wrestle outside of the states as well,” says Van Dale. However, one of her biggest goals is to just be able to support herself one day just solely doing wrestling. “I know I’m still very early on in my wrestling career, but I know one day I will be able to accomplish all my goals.”

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