Nikkita Lyons is the woman to take the NXT title from Mandy Rose


Toxic Attraction, led by Mandy Rose, is at the pinnacle of WWE NXT 2.0. They rule the women’s division and there isn’t a clear front-runner to take that NXT Championship from her. Several names could have been at the top of the list at one time, but Nikkita Lyons has become the individual destined to take that belt from Rose at some point this year.

Since NXT 2.0 has come to light, the brand has been used to “create” new stars for the company, looking to have faces for the next generations. One of those people is Lyons. Since coming to NXT 2.0, Lyons has continued to impress with her wrestling style and unique move set. Her look has also caught the attention of many as well, for better or for worse.

Lyons made her debut in the WWE in 2021, before spending time in WOW to start her career. In mere weeks she caught the attention of many on social media. She has all the makings to be the next big star in NXT 2.0. Her initial promos may not have hit the mark, but her presentation since has worked well to keep the interest in her high. The feud with Lash Legend has helped elevate both women as the NXT women’s division continues to evolve.

Lyons won both of those matches and continues to pick up wins on a weekly basis. She hasn’t been mentioned for the Women’s NXT Breakout Tournament, but if she is added to the draw she should be the favorite to take it all. Lyons is not inserted into the angle with Cora Jade and Natalya as the three women and Legend will compete in tag action at NXT Spring Breakin’. This should set up the last meeting between Lyons and Legend.

So, what comes next for Lyons? There’s a lot of hype around Natalya and Lyons having a short program. This would make sense as Natalya could continue to elevate Lyons to the next level. If this were to happen, following her storyline with Natalya, Lyons should be propelled to the NXT Women’s Championship.

Nikkita Lyons Is The Next NXT Women’s Champion

This is what truly makes the most sense for Lyons. Lyons is one of the most talented stars to come out of NXT 2.0. She is the woman who should dethrone Mandy Rose and win the NXT Women’s Championship.

Mandy Rose has had a good run with the NXT Women’s Championship. She has elevated the championship using her name and helped elevate two new women in NXT 2.0, Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne. However, the fact is Rose cannot be the NXT Women’s Champion forever, and her time to drop the championship may be coming up soon.

The most likely scenario would be to have Nikkita Lyons go over on Mandy Rose and win the NXT Women’s Championship later in the year, around the time of SummerSlam. Lyons could be made to be the next big babyface in the company. It is already well-known that backstage officials love Lyons, as many outlets have reported in recent days. Fans love Lyons as well, and she is arguably one of the most skilled women they have there right now.

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Nikkita Lyons is a megastar in the making. She has the look, the style, and the ability, and she is truly on a fast track to becoming a WWE star. Lyons is the one to bring in a new era in NXT and she should get a good run with the NXT Women’s Champion.