AEW: FTR has reached a new height on their glorious run

AEW, FTR (photo courtesy of AEW)
AEW, FTR (photo courtesy of AEW) /

FTR has proven they have always been the team in AEW.

When looking at a tag team like Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler in AEW, their journey has been nothing short of amazing. Since arriving at AEW, it’s clear that they were looking to create a bigger impact and a lasting legacy.

Needless to say, FTR has done that and then some as the realm of possibilities far exceeded just one company. Their championship resume is starting to resemble great internationally successful tag teams such as the Road Warriors, The Valiant Brothers, and The Dudley Boyz.

FTR breaking away from the Pinnacle and MJF was probably the best thing to happen. They are showing that they don’t need to be enforcers for a large faction and will dominate AEW and the whole wrestling world by doing what they do best in the ring.

FTR is the true face of the AEW tag team division.

The team of Wheeler and Harwood was always an intriguing team since they took great pride in their hard-hitting and no-nonsense style. It was further amplified as they made their way on their journey in AEW following their release from WWE.

When watching Harwood and Wheeler associate with MJF, even though they were a team that served as the ultimate equalizer for other factions, it felt like FTR could be so much more than just enforcers for MJF.

Since they broke from the Pinnacle, it felt like FTR hit that level that most fans knew they had in them all along. Even though the Pinnacle had great elements as a faction, FTR standing alone as a team conquering the world was very much needed.

This way, there is no distraction from other stars that could overshadow their accomplishments, and the focus on their competitiveness and sprint to legendary status has taken center stage as they continue to add to their championship greatness.

Even though the Young Bucks are the current AEW tag team champions, they are just a couple of guys holding championship belts. Their recent three-way challenge on the episode of Dynamite had a noticeable exclusion of FTR.

Even though there is a great challenge that awaits them in the form of dream team Keith Lee and Swerve, as well as Powerhouse Hobbs and the smooth but sharp-tongued Ricky Starks. It feels like this match sets the stage for an even bigger challenge after the match.

The Young Bucks can be as passive-aggressive all they want, but the fact is, FTR is the true face of the tag team division. They have won the ROH, AAA, and IWGP tag team championships and there is no sign of slowing down.

The energy is firmly behind FTR and it’s to the point the Young Bucks can expect to receive the secondary champ treatment, even though they hold the main tag titles on AEW programming. There is always certain energy when fans know they are witnessing history in the making.

The competition for tag teams is at an all-time high in the independent circuit and international wrestling world. FTR has represented AEW in a bigger way with multiple titles and they are the perfect ambassadors as AEW continues its partnership expansion.

In the near future, they will be on the first ballot for any wrestling hall of fame not just for their matches, accomplishments, and longevity, but for successfully propelling the AEW tag team division to the next level.

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Fans will have to tune in on AEW and other promotions to see FTR as they continue to pave the way for their hall of fame careers. Fans won’t want to miss them as they continue to solidify their spot as one of the all-time best tag teams in wrestling history on AEW and everywhere else.