Making A Case: Why Alex Shelley Should Beat Chris Sabin


While The Motor City Machine Guns are a beloved team in Impact Wrestling, Chris Sabin is the only one to reach the top of the mountain. However, Alex Shelley has just as much talent and fanfare to have done the same.

It was announced over the weekend on Twitter that Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley of The Motor City Machine Guns will be competing in a one-on-one match on this week’s episode of Impact. The two will be competing to name a number one contender for Josh Alexander’s Impact World Championship. There aren’t many choices better to fight to name a contender for the world title. Sabin and Shelley have been having a tremendous year thus far. They are certainly choices for the wrestler of the mid-year for Impact Wrestling.

The Motor City Machine Guns have been on the top of their games since reforming back in March to combat The Bullet Club. Since coming back together, they could possibly be on the best tag team run of their careers. They have looked like the heart and soul of the company as two of the few remaining TNA originals in the company. They were recently named the best tag team in the company at the 20th-anniversary show of Slammiversary. The success they have been having as a team is especially concerning going into this caliber match against each other.

It is possible that Sabin and Shelley don’t have more tag team title reigns in Impact because they are so good as solo competitors. Perhaps even more than that is how good they are when they are facing each other. If it was just them in a singles match or a match including multiple competitors like the Ultimate X match, there is something special that happens when Sabin and Shelley are in the ring together as competitors just as it does when they team together. For any fan that hasn’t been pleased to see these two collide, please tune in to watch a real treat on Thursday’s Impact

With every great match like this one, fans are usually torn between who they want to win. It is one thing when you have two enemies fighting and they have a bitter feud full of reasons to make you go one way or the other. However, these are two best friends and tag team partners with that we are tasked to pick a winner. As talented as Alex Shelley is, on paper, it looks like Chris Sabin is the clear favorite to win the match. Sabin is a record eight-time X-Division Champion and is a one-time Impact World Champion. Unfortunately and surprising for Shelley, he has only one reign as the X-Division Champion despite being a staple of the division.

As much as Chris Sabin deserves to have another shot to be the Impact World Champion, Alex Shelley deserves his shot even more. Many fans going into the match this Thursday are going to expect Chris Sabin to win, this is the time for Alex Shelley to beat his tag team partner and finally receive his opportunity to fight for the Impact World Championship. If Shelley wins or losses the potential Impact World Championship match, it would be a meaningful moment for Alex Shelley to at least know that he was given the chance that has alluded him his entire career.

Alex Shelley is a person who comes to your mind first when you think about Impact Wrestling. After spending nearly twenty years in Impact Wrestling without getting his shot, Alex Shelley deserves it more than nearly anyone. I know that I will personally be rooting for Alex in his upcoming match but it won’t disappoint me if Chris Sabin does end up winning the match. They have both worked hard to earn their shot for even a shot at the world championship. However, going into this match, Alex Shelley has to know this may be his last chance. We may see a whole new level to Alex Shelley’s game in order to become the new number one contender for the Impact World Championship.

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