Using Karrion Kross to get a title off Roman Reigns is the right solution


Karrion Kross is back in WWE and slotted right into the main event picture.

Heading into WWE SmackDown there was a surging rumor that Karrion Kross was heading back to the company that cut him months ago. That rumor proved to be true, as the former NXT Champion made his presence known that evening, attacking Drew McIntyre as he faced down Roman Reigns. It seems like the main event picture is getting crowded and will lead to Roman Reigns losing one of his two titles, which is long overdue.

Fightful Select reported late Friday that a “major pitch within WWE/USA Network could have title implications.” Those exact implications were that decision-makers within the USA Network want a top title on Monday Night Raw. With Roman Reigns being the undisputed champion who doesn’t always appear on the show, there’s a massive void at the top of the card. The report even mentions the idea of an interim championship, similar to the situation in All Elite Wrestling or frequently seen in the UFC.

This makes Kross’s return the perfect opportunity to pull this off. Reigns is an excellent champion and should be lauded as such. But the idea of him being an absent champion hinders what the WWE can do with its main event, even with Triple H in charge of creative. Using a triple threat match to get the championship off Reigns while not forcing him to take the pin is the right decision to make for all parties and both rosters involved.

Drew McIntyre vs Karrion Kross can power Monday Night Raw

McIntyre versus Kross at the top of the Monday Night Raw card is a credible feud. The apprehension around Kross is understandable. Triple H pushed him right to the top during his time in WWE NXT but his character didn’t translate into the interest that was present for others like Finn Balor, Adam Cole, Pete Dunne, or Kyle O’Reilly. It will be interesting to see if that situation recreates itself on Raw, even with Kross’s presentation and the inclusion of Scarlett in the picture. Expect to see Kross used much the same way he was used while in NXT, but that doesn’t mean it will work when fans want to see success for other stars on Raw like Montez Ford and AJ Styles.

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Putting both championships on Roman Reigns was met with criticism as fans knew it was going to have a negative impact on the entire roster. Now, Vince McMahon is gone and Triple H is making the moves necessary to help correct the matter. Using Karrion Kross as a foil, along with Drew McIntyre to get the WWE Championship off Reigns is the correct step, but that doesn’t mean it will be the perfect solution at the end of the day.