AEW All Out should feature a multi-woman match for the championship


All Out should pit the top four women against each other with the title on the line.

All Elite Wrestling has an opportunity to feature their women’s division in strong fashion at their next PPV, All Out on September 4. The Women’s World title picture currently features four important women, Thunder Rosa, Toni Storm, Britt Baker, and Jamie Hayter. These four women should face off in a multi-person match to determine the champion and give the women’s division some spotlight that it’s long lacked.

Rosa has a firm grasp on the championship, but her reign has left much to be desired. The initial feud with Serena Deeb was slow to develop and AEW failed to consistently get her on television in ways that mattered or compared to the male champions on the roster. Fans recognized this and it translated to how she was received, and that gave way to reports of frustration.

Putting these four women in the match creates branching storylines

That brought Britt Baker back into the picture, once again feuding with Rosa. And while it would be interesting to see these two have a career-defining feud, fans have had enough of Baker in the primary spot. Her affiliation with Hayter, and the hinting toward the split, continue to be the talk of the angle, as that would give both women something different to do.

This is where the four-way match comes into play. One, it creates the opportunity to get the title off Rosa, perhaps strapping up Storm for her long-awaited title run in a major North American promotion. That could give way to Rosa turning heel so she and Storm can go on an extended feud. As for Baker and Hayter, this match opens the door for one to cost the other the title, leading the way to the split that pushes Hayter into a title run of her own.

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All Elite Wrestling continues to miss the mark with fans and how they are pushing for women’s wrestling to take a bigger part of the stage. While one match won’t solve the entire problem, booking the second multi-woman match for the title would go a long way where it is needed.