AEW must seize this moment to build excitement with new names in main event picture


Surely, no one saw these headlines coming out of AEW All Out. The media scrum scuffle is going to be a moment in professional wrestling history, for better or for worse. Reports are out that multiple names involved have been suspended, and CM Punk has suffered another injury which would have vacated the title anyway. All Elite Wrestling is at a serious crossroads heading into Dynamite, but this is an opportunity that must be grabbed to create some buzz around the immediate future.

Heading into Labor Day weekend, there was a lot of excitement around all the professional wrestling fans were about to enjoy. WWE had Clash at the Castle and NXT Worlds Collide, while All Out would be a cap to the weekend. WWE’s shows were well-received, but the tone at the end of All Out wasn’t as high. By the end of the night people were talking, but not for the right reasons.

Fast forward to Wednesday and AEW is without perhaps the four most important people on the roster. With Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks potentially suspended, that creates questions around the newly formed Trios Championship. And with Punk being on the shelf regardless of disciplinary actions, something must be done around the AEW World Championship. MJF is waiting in the wings for that title and that’s a major talking point in its own right. But it should not be the only point if this opportunity is taken advantage of in the right way.

MJF is destined to be the next AEW champion, that’s a point that many can agree on. But who should he get through to reach that point? Most are pushing for Jon Moxley or “Hangman” Adam Page to be in that position, but they’ve recently been in the title picture. AEW should go in a different direction and with an exceptionally talented roster, they wouldn’t have to look too far for names to feature. Imagine a feud between MJF and the likes of Miro, Samoa Joe, or Ricky Starks. Others such as Eddie Kingston, Orange Cassidy, or Powerhouse Hobbs are right there to work with. This doesn’t have to just be about Moxley or Page, as there’s a wealth of talent to choose from.

With AEW’s partnerships with other organizations, think of how big a tournament the group could put together to help crown a champion or the man to face MJF. The opportunities are there and the names are all throughout the industry.

We’ve seen this situation in the past. Remember when Kevin Owens became WWE Universal Champion due to Finn Balor’s injury. Or what about when Booker T became WCW Champion in 2000 because of Hulk Hogan being let go. Those moments were born out of the opportunity of sudden change and AEW is in a similar position at this time.

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The scramble to replace CM Punk and The Elite at the top of the AEW card is a tough task for anyone to answer. Yet, it’s a moment that the company can use to build waning excitement. To do so, they should turn to some of the names that have yet to step into the spotlight.