Adam Pearce should use Shayna Baszler to combat Ronda Rousey


Shayna Baszler could be Ronda Rousey’s greatest ally or foil

For the past few weeks on SmackDown, Ronda Rousey has had a bone to pick with WWE Official Adam Pearce after suspending her. After Rousey’s suspension lifted, she made no rush to get back in the SmackDown Women’s Championship picture to face Liv Morgan. With Rousey being the number one contender, this is the perfect time for Pearce to come into play. If there’s a way for Pearce to get even with Rousey, it’s to use Shayna Baszler as an advantage.

Baszler vs Rousey is a great feud for both women while not being in title picture

After Baszler congratulated Rousey on her win, Rousey suggested to Baszler that it was time to “break bones.” With leaving the fans speculating that Rousey and Baszler will team up, it could mean something different. The fire lit under Baszler could lead to Pearce using Baszler as a way to gain vengeance on Rousey. Pearce can act as if Rousey’s attack didn’t phase him, so he makes Rousey’s match with SmackDown Women’s Champion Liv Morgan a No Holds Barred Match. That way, any submission hold is legal for Rousey, thus giving her an advantage.

Pearce can get his revenge by having Baszler swerve Rousey by costing her the match and building a program between the former MMA fighters. The angle can give a boost to both Baszler and Rousey’s roles on SmackDown. Baszler can revert to the monster heel she once was, and Rousey can receive a more positive reception as one of SmackDown’s top female babyfaces. Rousey not being a contender can also elevate Morgan as champion, as Morgan can move on to other potential challengers. It’s also a win-win situation since Rousey is happy with not being in a championship program. This story could be the best way to keep Rousey out of the championship picture.

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