AEW Rampage: Andrade El Idolo must win or leave AEW


On Friday’s episode of AEW Rampage, Andrade El Idolo and Jose the Assistant were once again trying to recruit Preston “10” Vance from the Dark Order.

During a backstage segment, Hangman Page was flanked by “10” and Evil Uno when they were interrupted by Andrade and his assistant. Andrade challenged “10” to a match next week on Rampage. To add another layer to this match, it will take place on the anniversary of Mr. Brodie Lee’s last match. If Vance loses, he must relinquish his mask to Andrade. If Andrade loses, he must leave AEW for good.

The stipulation for Andrade comes at an interesting time. For weeks, there have been rumors swirling that he has been unhappy in AEW and wants to leave. He added to the speculation earlier in the week when he tweeted #FreeElIdolo. It’s not clear if he wants to be free or if he is already by being in AEW.

Another reason it would be odd timing for Andrade to leave is because his La Faccion Ingobernable partner, RUSH, was officially made ALL ELITE on Friday. The duo turned on Dragon Lee in August. Perhaps they want “10” to replace him.

Dark Order hasn’t been the same in recent months and at times, there has been tension. Colt Cabana hasn’t been on TV in months. Stu “Dos” Grayson and Alan “Five” Angels have both left the company. They have mistakenly hurt each other in matches. Last Friday during the Golden Ticket Battle Royale, Evil Uno kicked 10 off the apron, eliminating him (which Andrade had Jose the Assistant pull up when he tried to get him to join them). Perhaps Dark Order as we know it is in their last days.

10 tweeted this match is for Dark Order and for Mr. Brodie Lee. He wants to remind everyone why he was handpicked by his leader.

dark. Next. AEW could not pass on a talent like Bandido

RUSH took on John Silver in the main event of Rampage. RUSH got the win and Andrade attacked Alex Reynolds afterwards. Uno and 10 got involved as did Butcher and Blade. Page made the save and hit Jose with the buckshot lariat. Hangman will face RUSH next week on Dynamite. 

It seems like La Faccion Ingobernable is involved in an ongoing storyline that could extend past next week or could end on Friday. However if Andrade really wants to leave or take a break, he’d be joining Malakai Black and Buddy Matthews as talent who are unhappy and taking time away.

Rampage has turned into must-see programming during their anniversary week.