Seth Rollins deserves all the praise as the ACE of WWE


Ten years since The Shield began their rampage in the WWE, all three members stand with championships around their waists. Seth Rollins defeated Bobby Lashley on the October 10 edition of Monday Night Raw. Jon Moxley, the only man to hold the AEW World Championship more than once, stands firm in his third run with the title. And of course, Roman Reigns continues to force acknowledgment as the WWE Undisputed Champion. It’s quite a sight to see, but Rollins picking up another championship is a career accolade that was long overdue and a testament to his place as the ace of the promotion.

Brock Lesnar’s surprise return and attack on Lashley played a huge part in Rollins being able to secure his second run as WWE United States Champion. He now joins The Miz as a two-time WWE Grand Slam champion, an award that easily secures a Hall of Fame position on its own merit. But Rollins’s praise does not end there. In fact, he means a lot more to this WWE roster.

Rollins is the guy that WWE counts on to make all things better, and he consistently delivers on that role. There are several points in his run with the WWE where the promotion looked to him to carry matters when a superstar’s touch was necessary.

Rollins was one of the few top names that were present at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, barely missing any time while the industry and the world were forced to a standstill. Remember when WWE needed someone to carry Monday Night Raw because Brock Lesnar was absent? Who did the company count on? Seth Rollins. How about the situation with Cody Rhodes’s return? Who was the man tapped to help introduce him back to the WWE viewership with a marquee match at WrestleMania? Also, Seth Rollins.

The list goes on with another opportunity for him to carry Raw as the United States Champion. Reigns holds all the titles and there are questions about how WWE will get one of the belts off him so Raw can have a main title again. Until then, Rollins has been tapped to continue the elevation of the US title which was initiated by Lashley as champion. And he is the right guy to do so.

There are other aspects of Rollins’s career that deserve praise, those being his ability to elevate others on the roster and reinvent himself. In many ways, he draws strong parallels to Chris Jericho, a man who has done similar work throughout his career and continues to do so in AEW. Whether it was as a part of The Shield, the Monday Night Messiah, or his current gimmick as The Visionary – Rollins continues to try out new things that extend his longevity with fans and peers alike.

His current run may be adorned with multiple losses, but that was because it was clear his record could absorb them without losing any credibility among the fans. Now, as the top champion on Monday Night Raw, it will be interesting to see what he does with the spotlight hitting him directly. Here’s to hopes he faces off against individuals like Carmelo Hayes, Chad Gable, Mustafa Ali, and others in extended programs.

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Professional teams across sports have that one player they count on to make a big play and carry the team all season. AEW has that in Jon Moxley. WWE’s version of that position is filled by Seth Rollins. He could easily be the man to defeat Roman Reigns and hoist both belts above his head. But for now, fans will have to take him as the United States Champion, two-time Grand Slam Champion, and the ACE of the WWE.