Three ways WWE can maintain momentum when the return pops end


How can WWE maintain momentum when the pops for returns end?

Triple H’s run at the top of the WWE is heading into its fourth month when November starts. Much of the reception to his leadership remains positive, but that doesn’t mean things are perfect. One thing fans have enjoyed so far are the frequent returns across both main roster shows, Monday Night Raw and SmackDown. But what happens when the loud pops simmer down? Bray Wyatt’s return will be the high point for years to come, and these are three ideas that could help momentum continue once WWE “runs out” of big returns and major debuts.

New faces as new challengers to championships

WWE fans and viewers are tired of the same faces in title contention. The promotion has made it a point to book around the same few names in recent years, much to the chagrin of individuals that spend money on the product. Whether it’s the men’s or women’s division, the same few faces are frequently reshuffled into the title picture. It’s time to change that up.

It’s not like WWE doesn’t have a roster filled with individuals that can rise through the title pictures. Imagine men like Xavier Woods, Chad Gable, or Akira Tozawa going on brief runs that allowed them to earn title programs against the top champions of today. It’s an opportunity to create new stars and avoid burnout from seeing the same matches with the same individuals time and time again.

Consistent booking that matters

Wins and losses do not matter as much in WWE as they may in other promotions. In fact, WWE tends to go out of the way to give wrestlers that are being “pushed” more losses than wins. Take Austin Theory and Mustafa Ali as two examples of individuals who participate in major storylines but struggle to pick up wins on a regular basis. WWE must change this practice, building individuals up with quality victories that matter before a major payoff or opportunity. Even if they lose when it comes to a title opportunity, putting multiple wins together helps someone become a threat to top champions in the eyes of fans.

And one step beyond that is to end all the distraction finishes. There’s a time and place for the use in booking, but WWE leans on distractions in nearly every match, each week – which is another level of overkill.

Fresh stories and angles

Yes, the in-ring action with professional wrestling is a major reason fans tune in every week. But there’s something important about the stories being told both in and out of the ring as well. Multiple-time champion, Becky Lynch did an exceptional job explaining just why storytelling is an important part of wrestling and that logic should be applied more consistently across the entire roster. Has this area “improved” since Vince McMahon’s retirement? Yes, but there is still a long way to go.

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The White Rabbit angle and the beginning of Dexter Lumis’ introduction to the main roster are two examples where fans were invested in something different. With the resources that WWE has at its disposal, it should not be a challenge to generate fresh ideas from a diverse set of minds.