Britt Baker vs. Jamie Hayter feud will Kickstart AEW Women’s Division


AEW’s women’s division hasn’t been showcased in a prominent way since the company’s introduction. The women deserve more than two matches between Dynamite and Rampage, and there’s no excuse why they can’t have more than that. Yes, the men’s division is much deeper than the women’s, but the only way to improve that is to continue to give more TV time to the women of AEW.

For example, Britt Baker has maximized every bit of TV time since joining AEW. Even while injured and in a wheelchair, she got massive amounts of screen time to be showcased on AEW television. I can’t say the same about any other woman on the roster aside from TNT Champion Jade Cargill, AEW Women’s World Champion Thunder Rosa, and, just recently, Interim Champion Toni Storm.

The feud that the AEW women’s division needs is Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D vs. Jamie Hayter.

Now, injuries have played a factor in the AEW women’s division, as both Ruby Soho and Thunder Rosa are out long-term, but AEW hasn’t done much to push anyone else in the meantime. The roster does contain a lot of great women, so it’s not a talent issue whatsoever. What needs to change is how they’re booked, and how they need to increase TV time for these women.

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Jamie Hayter has ridden the coattails of Britt Baker since the first-ever AEW Rampage back in 2021. Since then, the Southampton, England native scratched and clawed for every bit of time given to her and has succeeded on every occasion. Hayter has proven she’s not just the sidekick to AEW’s best women’s wrestler, but she’s on the same level as Baker.

How many times in wrestling do you see a power duo, where you know one wrestler is truly better than the other? One goes off to have a tremendous main event career, while the other has mid-card-level success. It happens all the time in professional wrestling, but it’s not going to happen in this scenario, as both are bona fide stars.

At Full Gear in Newark, N.J., Hayter finally gets a one-on-one opportunity for the interim AEW Women’s World title against Storm. While Hayter winning the championship would be an incredible story, it doesn’t need to happen right now. This is where I could see a turn take place where Britt turns on Jaime after a hard-fought match against Storm.

A feud like Baker vs. Hayter does not need to be for the championship. The story and animosity themselves sell you on the match. That’s what made the Britt Baker vs. Thunder Rosa feud so good. Eventually, it could be for a championship down the line, but for now, I believe Storm deserves the right to hold the strap.

Hayter as a babyface is what we all want to see. The crowds have been buzzing with loud pops and chants whenever she makes her entrance for a match. Her fan support has grown seemingly every single AEW show, even while she is the heel. Having that moment where she finally gets her hands on Baker is going to be something special.

Baker is currently in a program with Saraya, where it looks like a dream match is going to take place. The staredowns between those two women have been intense, and it truly is a match I can’t wait to see. Whether that match happens at Full Gear or not, this is the perfect program for Baker before her long-standing rivalry with Hayter begins.

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The feud between Baker and Hayter should last around 3-4 months. There’s a lot you do in that timeframe. You could have Baker align herself with another woman on the roster, thus replacing Hayter’s spot in her group. Or you could have an alliance between Saraya and Hayter, which could be very interesting, too. And there are so many different match stipulations they could have as the feud progresses. The possibilities are truly endless.

By the time this feud is over, you will have done a few different things: put Baker in ultimate heel status, make a star in Hayter, even if it was by accident due to the fans loving her so much, and give a desperate reset to the AEW Women’s roster as Soho and Rosa hopefully return sooner rather than later.

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This feud has been teased so much, but it feels like we’re on the cusp of it finally happening. These are two of my favorite women on the roster, so when this actually goes down, I’m going to be torn. What are your thoughts on a potential Baker vs Hayter feud? Let me know in the comments below!