The New Day will have an enjoyable run in WWE NXT


NXT has a special place in the eyes of many WWE fans as many recognize this as the starting place for some of their favorites coming up through the ranks. Individuals like Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Big E, Sasha Banks, Bayley, and plenty of others were first introduced to WWE viewers through the platform. There’s excitement to see main roster names return to NXT for brief and what can be refreshing runs. The New Day are in such a situation and this should be an enjoyable opportunity with them on the Tuesday brand.

Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston walked through the curtain to surprise Pretty Deadly on the December 6 edition of WWE NXT. That back-and-forth was quick but led directly into a surprise match between the two teams at NXT Deadline. Initially, there weren’t a lot of expectations to see the New Day pick up the win, but as the match went on Woods and Kingston were successful in capturing their first NXT Tag Team Championship, making them Grand Slam Champions. It was a big moment that should lead to a lot of fun opportunities in NXT.

While the New Day are seen as main event-level acts, they’ve taken a step back in recent months. Fans still give them a strong reaction, but Woods and Kingston aren’t as relevant as they once were. Big E’s serious injury also hinders their position on the roster as they await his hopefully healthy return. Moving them to NXT for a stint is the right move to make because it gives them a fresh look and new challenges to face.

There are both teams and individual performers that would benefit from programs with the New Day. Teams like Indus Sher and the Creed Brothers immediately jump to mind. Individuals like Grayson Waller, Carmelo Hayes, Wes Lee, and others would also work in individual programs with either member of the iconic tag team. WWE NXT is a platform for established stars that can help elevate the new faces of the future and fans should expect to see that with Woods and Kingston taking a run through the brand.

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The New Day in NXT is a surprise that fans didn’t recognize they needed. It will be a fresh look for both members of the group while helping those around them at the same time.