Three names that will carry the WWE Championship once its split


When the WWE Championship becomes its own prize again after WrestleMania, fans should expect these three men to be in the running. 

Roman Reigns’s firm grip around the WWE Undisputed Universal Championship may be ending at WrestleMania 39. Last year, his victory over Brock Lesnar put both belts around his waist. It was a move that many criticized because of the impact felt on the WWE main roster. If Cody Rhodes secures the title and it leads into an angle where he loses one of the championships, the opportunities on both shows open up. With that in mind, here are three individuals who may find the top championship on WWE Raw in their grasp once the belts are separated.

Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins is one of the top performers in the WWE. Unfortunately, his presence in that position continues to be overshadowed by men higher up on the priority list. That doesn’t stop the company from turning to him when they need his abilities to help build a new name. Take his growing angle with Logan Paul as such an example. That trust is a valuable piece of what makes Rollins such an important name on the roster, but he still deserves a run as a top-level champion.

Rollins as champion opens up a lot of great matches at the top of the WWE Raw roster. Imagine long-term feuds with Rollins taking on the likes of Finn Balor, Chad Gable, a returning AJ Styles, and others. The stories and great matches are there, and putting the belt on Rollins immediately solves what has been missing at the top of the Raw card.

Damian Priest

Damian Priest is an interesting member of the WWE main roster. He had a strong run while a part of WWE NXT, but when he stepped onto the main roster it seemed like WWE immediately knew they had a star on their hands. Even better, they treated him as such. Priest had a long undefeated streak and even captured the WWE United States Championship. While The Judgement Day didn’t get off to a great start, the group turned a corner to become one of the better acts on the show.

Priest as a title challenger opens up a few different doors for both him and Balor. For example, this could be the angle that leads to the split of The Judgement Day. Or perhaps it’s a moment where the company can crown a new, first-time champion to create some excitement. Priest has all the tools; he can work very well in the ring, can cut a promo, and has all the presentations of a superstar. Keep an eye on him for big things if the titles do become split.

Austin Theory

Austin Theory has been a project on WWE for the last few years. First, Vince McMahon attempted to shove him down the fans’ throats as a geek, a strategy that didn’t help anyone involved. When McMahon was removed from the picture Theory’s character and trajectory changed, but the outcome slotted him in a much better position. He’s carrying the WWE United States title and is heading into WrestleMania with an angle against John Cena on the horizon.

Will Theory be WWE Champion at some point in the future? That answer is almost guaranteed yes. He looks the part, is a capable wrestler, is young, and continues to improve over time. Fans will forever hate Theory for what he’s been accused of outside the ring, but WWE rarely lets those matters influence what happens when the cameras roll. Theory should be at the top of the shortlist for men who can be expected to get the WWE Championship once it becomes its own prize again.

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