Carmelo Hayes must take the NXT Championship at Stand & Deliver


Carmelo Hayes versus Bron Breakker is the big story to tell heading to NXT Stand & Deliver with Hayes coming out on top. 

WWE NXT Roadblock featured a big moment when Bron Breakker and Carmelo Hayes went face to face. The two hot prospects in NXT, finally standing in the center of the same ring. The brand has done a fantastic job keeping them apart, but now is the time to bring their arcs full circle. The outcome, Carmelo Hayes standing tall at NXT Stand & Deliver with the NXT Championship firmly in his grasp.

It didn’t matter which version of NXT fans were watching. The bright colors, and sex-driven angles of NXT 2.0, nor the return-to-its-roots version of NXT fans watch today – both versions made it clear that Hayes and Breakker are the top two stars.

Hayes kept the mid-card hot, putting on fantastic matches as the NXT North American Champion. He and Trick Williams are one of the best acts in all of WWE. They are believable in the ring and fans are pulled to their characters like moths to a fire. There’s nothing about them that fails to meet the status of superstar.

Then there’s Breakker. The next up within the Steiner bloodline to step into the squared circle. He’s impressed in his run to date, but fans are slowly beginning to turn on him. The speculation around the “why” that turn is coming is wide-ranging, but at the end of the day, he’s running out of time as the central figure in NXT. As WWE completes the 2023 edition of WrestleMania season, Breakker could be one of the biggest names to make the leap to the main roster. Doing so would help solve the need for new faces on the main roster. Dropping the title makes all the sense here.

Carmelo Hayes as NXT Champion is best for the future of the brand

Hayes could also be a star on the main roster, and many feel he’s destined to do so. But before that happens there’s still work, he needs to do in NXT. As champion, Hayes can go on his own epic run that not only further establishes him as a top name in WWE, but also helps build the rest of the young, talented names in NXT. Imagine a lengthy feud with Hayes defending the NXT Championship against the likes of Dragon Lee, Axiom, Nathan Frazer, Julius Creed, and others. That would not only increase Hayes’s stock in the WWE but also build the strength of the roster as a whole.

NXT Stand & Deliver is a big show for the brand during WrestleMania season. It’s the moment that highlights the best the brand has to offer while showing who may be the future of wrestling. Carmelo Hayes versus Bron Breakker as the main event will pay off their entire run within the company to date. This is the moment to put the title on Carmelo Hayes and set the pace for what should be the future of all things WWE.

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