Ricky Starks vs Juice Robinson is a great feud for both men


AEW’s feud between Ricky Starks and Juice Robinson will be extremely beneficial for both wrestlers. Both of these men need a massive stage to show all the potential that they have, and feuding against each other gives them both the opportunity to do so. Starks versus Robinson has all the potential in the world to be a major feud for Double Or Nothing and should extend all the way to Forbidden Door II.

Ricky Starks and Juice Robinson Won’t Be Lost In The Shuffle

Starks has been finding himself in some major programs on AEW television in recent months. Starks won the AEW World Championship Eliminator tournament, getting an opportunity to face MJF for the AEW World Championship at Winter Is Coming.

Although he was unsuccessful in capturing the championship, he was then immediately placed into a big-time feud against Chris Jericho, and all of the JAS members. After vanquishing Jericho, Ricky’s future was uncertain before a familiar Bullet Club symbol flashed on the screen, and Robinson attacked Starks.

This is a perfect position for Starks, as he isn’t going to be in the world title scene at the moment, but he needs a big feud to keep his momentum. For Robinson, this is extremely helpful for his direction in AEW. Robinson was a massive signing for AEW, as he came in hot off of a great run in New Japan Pro Wrestling.

However, in recent weeks he hasn’t done much on television, and this can be the first real feud that he sinks his teeth into to show the AEW crowd why he was so beloved in New Japan. It can be an important feud that saves both of these wrestlers from being lost in the shuffle with so many stories on television right now.

The Promos Will Be Electric

Not only are both men phenomenal wrestlers, but they can sell a match better than almost any wrestler in the world. Starks and Robinson are two of the best wrestlers when it comes to talking on the mic, and they have the willingness to cut deep into a wrestler while still being comedic and entertaining. The promos that will come out of this feud will surely go viral on social media, and there will be many quotes to pull from for t-shirts and video packages galore.

Sets Up Forbidden Door Moment

This feud will likely set up a massive moment at Forbidden Door. Starks has alluded to his willingness to face any and all members of Bullet Club, and throughout the next coming weeks, it is likely that he will have to go through another gauntlet with Bullet Club similar to the gauntlet that he faced against JAS.

Starks is a fan of New Japan and the Japanese style, and going through one of the biggest factions in Japan, even if they aren’t as big now in 2023, could be a win-win for Starks and Bullet Club.

This could lead to Stark’s eliminating the faction. It would be a massive moment, as he could be the man who single-handedly destroys one of the biggest factions in professional wrestling history. Another outcome could be that Starks meets up with the debuting Jay White if White (or David Finlay) comes over for a feud.

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The final theory is, this could result in Starks joining Bullet Club, reluctantly joining the heel group, or turning the group babyface in the process (at least in AEW) and giving Starks a major faction to play with for the summer. Regardless of the outcome, it would set up a major moment for Starks, Robinson, and Bullet Club.