How Long Before Kevin Owens Betrays Sami Zayn?

Mar 24, 2023; Las Vegas, NV, USA; Kevin Owens (left) and Sami Zayn during WWE Smackdown at MGM Grand Garden Arena. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports
Mar 24, 2023; Las Vegas, NV, USA; Kevin Owens (left) and Sami Zayn during WWE Smackdown at MGM Grand Garden Arena. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports /

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn are fighting together at WrestleMania 39, but are they still destined to ‘fight forever?’

Kevin Owens will, sooner rather than later, turn on Sami Zayn and position himself to be the #1 heel in the WWE’s post-WrestleMania plans.

Hear me out.

The Owens / Zayn feud goes so far back that it is hard to tell one’s professional wrestling history without mentioning the other. Heck, even on the PPV where KO made his in-ring debut for NXT, the night would end with Zayn winning the company’s world title before Owens came down, and pretended to give his friend a congratulatory embrace, only to shock the Full Sail crowd by scooping Sami up for a pop-up powerbomb.

Their chemistry is second-to-none, whether they work as a team or against each other, so it has been relatively easy for WWE to get the fans behind the team of Owens and Zayn.

So why did they already tease a little dissension between the two?

It wasn’t a huge part of the segment, but just for a moment during the Friday Night Smackdown segment on March 24, Owens made it a point to mention Zayn wanting a separate entrance so that he could get crowd pop. Why would they add that in there? It had to be there for a reason, right? So, my brain got to work and now I’ve convinced myself that Owens is going to turn on Sami either at WrestleMania 39 or shortly thereafter.

Just like at his first NXT PPV, WrestleMania isn’t about Owens. It’s about Sami.
KO even had his latest “KO-Mania” t-shirt made with the front reading “Wrestle-Zayn-ia”. Even after all KO has been through, after how many times he should’ve pinned Reigns, after how many times the Bloodline left him battered and bruised – the story going into WrestleMania is Sami’s story. I’m hoping that the WWE doesn’t go down the normal path of one “accidentally” striking the other and they then start showing distrust. This should just come out of nowhere.

KO is an incredible “bad guy”. That’s hard to do in 2023 but, when he’s given the opportunity, he has done a commendable job at getting the crowd to “boo” him. Imagine how the crowd would react when, after all of the hype leading into this match and with most of the wrestling world expecting KO and Zayn to walk out as the new Tag-Team Champions, Owens instead turns his back on Zayn and leaves him hanging out to dry. The story could be as simple as Owen’s being angry that Zayn is getting too much of the focus during the build to WrestleMania.

Yes, he and Zayn can be seen as brothers but KO feels like the older brother who never gets attention because everyone always gives their focus to his younger sibling The best villains are intriguing characters because they are able to tell a relatable story but they way they handle things can be questionable.

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If Cody Rhodes does defeat Roman Reigns, taking over as the new face of the company, he is going to need solid villains to work with, and Owens (especially with Cody being the one to “reunite” KO/Zayn) would fit that role quite nicely.