Konosuke Takeshita is an interesting addition to The Elite vs Blackpool Combat Club


Konosuke Takeshita made a big save at the calling of Don Callis, but is he set for a big turn that would shake up this angle? 

The brewing story between The Elite and the Blackpool Combat Club is an excellent addition to AEW storytelling. Each week there’s apprehension that the violence between the two groups will reach a new level, and the moment of all eight men standing in the ring in a face-off is going to blow the roof off any building. All eight men? Yes, eight. The four members of the BCC were stopped by a new character in the angle and the inclusion of Konosuke Takeshita sets this angle down an interesting path.

Takeshita is one of the most interesting prospects in all professional wrestling. The second he stepped into All Elite Wrestling, he captured the hearts of fans with his amazing in-ring abilities, and his exceptionally likable personality outside of it. It’s understandable that AEW has plans for him, hopefully, some that include a singles title soon. His inclusion in this angle shows that faith and sets him down the path for some big matches.

Is he going to break the hearts of fans along the way? The moment Takeshita was brought from the back during the April 20 episode of AEW Dynamite was a masterful bit of storytelling. The Elite was being dismantled in the ring and Bryan Danielson was set to maim Kenny Omega. Don Callis runs out with a chair, only to realize he’d get wrecked if he attempted anything. To run to the back and get Takeshita, a man he’s been courting for weeks, and see him save The Elite brought the fans to their feet.

But that’s too easy of a story to tell. Callis plays the role of the master manipulator very well. Fans know that something is up every time he opens his mouth. Do not be surprised if he makes a shift to break away from The Elite, joining the BCC and taking Takeshita with him. That shift would push this angle in a totally different direction, not only creating perhaps the most dominant heel stable in AEW history but also setting The Elite up for a massive babyface run.

Then there’s the impact this will have on “Hangman” Adam Page. At some point he will get involved in this story, bringing The Elite back together for a big match against BCC. Seeing Takeshita and Callis turn makes that even more inevitable. Plus, it opens the door for the question of who joins The Elite to help them even the odds. Kota Ibushi maybe?

Professional wrestling angles are meant to elevate new stars. The angle between the Blackpool Combat Club and The Elite will do just that. Konosuke Takeshita is going to get his moment and it may come at the cost of fans loving him as a major babyface. Either way, this is going to be an enjoyable run for the young performer.

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