Alexa Bliss would thrive in the IMPACT Wrestling women’s division


Alexa Bliss is a fan favorite in WWE, but if her time with the company ends she could continue a strong run in wrestling.

Alexa Bliss is a popular member of the WWE women’s division. She’s a multiple-time champion, with nine combined reigns on her resume. Still, the last few years in WWE haven’t been the best for her and her fans. Opinions on why persist, but it’s clear she’s in a different position than she once enjoyed earlier in her main roster run. What if Bliss departed and took her abilities to other promotions? There is a space where Alexa Bliss outside of WWE could thrive.

There was a time when Bliss was the perfect type of performer to become a “WWE Superstar.” Her looks fit what WWE frequently pushed to the top of the roster and her character work was among some of the best in the company. Yes, she didn’t have the high-quality matches that would reach the top of the list for any in-ring fan, but she was serviceable when needed to be bell-to-bell. Those skills carried Bliss to a lot of early success during her time in the WWE, but that screeched to a half in 2018.

From December 2016 to August 2018, Bliss would hold a singles main roster championship five times. Her 223-day run as the WWE Raw Women’s Champion is still one of the longest to date with that title. But along the way her position of prominence has shifted and she’s taken a back seat as individuals like Bianca Belair continue to take professional wrestling by storm. From 2016 to 2019, Bliss would take part in 27 PPV/PLE matches. That number would drop to 15 between the years 2020 through 2023 – a sharp contrast.

Bliss has openly hinted at frustrations about her utilization on social media, with her fans frequently rallying to her side. So, what would things look like if Bliss were to leave the promotion?

IMPACT Wrestling is perfect for Alexa Bliss

At first glance, the “Go to AEW” catchphrase may come up, but Bliss would be a better fit in the IMPACT Wrestling women’s division. Some may want to see Bliss and Britt Baker go back and forth in a promo battle, but would Bliss be able to keep up with the in-ring style AEW fans demand? That was a big concern that many had with Mercedes Mone heading over to Japan, but her catalog of matches in WWE was the foundation needed to show she could and did keep up when the demands were the loudest. Could Bliss rise to the challenge in AEW? That is the big question.

But in IMPACT, Bliss’s top attributes of character work would excel. This doesn’t mean that Impact’s women’s division works at a lower rate than AEW, but their style is more closely aligned to that of WWE, giving Bliss a foundation to work with. She would be able to flourish in that company with less of the venomous blowback that can come from the hardcore fan base that watches All Elite Wrestling.

Alexa Bliss is a talented performer who has achieved a lot of success as a professional wrestler. Her current position on the roster may not be where fans and she wants, but she still has a lot to offer the industry. If she were to leave WWE in the future, there’s space for her to continue a successful career and the IMPACT Wrestling women’s roster would be her best destination.

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