WWE: What’s next for the Bloodline Story?


The Bloodline remains the most important angle in professional wrestling and questions abound now that WrestleMania has happened.

With multiple Bloodline story angles wrapping up at Wrestlemania, that leaves the question: what comes next for the WWE’s best story in half a decade?

Wrestlemania was the ending point of Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens beating the Usos for the tag team belts, and this chapter of Cody Rhodes trying to finish his story against Roman Reigns. The Zayn and Owens versus Usos feud in some ways continue at WWE Backlash 2023 in the six-man tag team match between Zayn, Owens, and Matt Riddle taking on the Usos and Solo Sikoa.

Overall, however, it seems that these major two angles have seemingly come to an end. Of course, WWE could drop the story and go in a whole new direction, but that’s not the best decision.

The main focus going forward should not be on Roman Reigns or the WWE Undisputed Universal Title until he comes back, but instead, Solo Sikoa going on a monster heel run with Paul Heyman as his main manager.

Sikoa since debuting on the main roster has been the “muscle” of the Bloodline and now that Reigns is taking time off, he should be the main focus of the group. Solo has picked up some key wins recently against the likes of Rey Mysterio, Kevin Owens, and Matt Riddle. Having wins within the past month against opponents that are WWE legends and top stars, proves he’s ready for the next step.

The logical next step for Sikoa is to go on a tear-through talent for the next few weeks, maybe facing Johnny Gargano on Raw and Kofi Kingston on Smackdown and beating them easily. Then at the Backlash pay-per-view, Sikoa should be the star of the match, being the one to pin the opposing member of the team. Heading toward the summer, Sikoa should be upgraded toward chasing a mid-card title if WWE can move the belts off heels Austin Theory and Gunther.

With support from the Usos and Heyman, Sikoa could be the next de facto leader of the Bloodline until Reigns makes his awaited return. Heyman on the mic pushing Sikoa as he did in the past with Brock Lesnar would immediately make him a formidable force on weekly TV. It’s not necessarily a good idea to make Sikoa speak for himself, but with Heyman by his side, he can easily become a top mid-carder.

Going forward, it is time to make Sikoa the second-biggest star of the Bloodline and overtake the Usos.

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