Solo Sikoa should be the threat The Bloodline faces next


Solo Sikoa would be an interesting threat to The Bloodline with plenty of story to tell. 

Alongside Jimmy and Jey Uso, Roman Reigns continues to dominate WWE. Even as an “absent champion” whenever he steps into the ring fans tune in and he moves the needle. Still, the storyline around his dominance is growing stale and WWE is struggling to find ways to build interest in what is next. There is one route they can go and that involves Solo Sikoa and his inclusion into The Bloodline. But he shouldn’t become another lackey, that would be too easy. Instead, Sikoa should be the sleeper cell that blows the whole thing up.

Sikoa is a top name on WWE NXT 2.0. Fans continue to shower him with positive reactions whenever he’s in the ring or shown backstage. That hasn’t translated into championship victories, however. He’s lost to Cameron Grimes multiple times and is placed as a “gatekeeper” of sorts within the division. Could he become a champion at some point in the future? Yes, but perhaps that wouldn’t be the best use of his abilities and more importantly, his family lineage.

Solo should swerve his brothers at SummerSlam

At SummerSlam, The Street Profits and The Usos will battle once again in a tag team match with the unified titles on the line. This match is set to include a special guest referee, which was revealed to be former WWE Intercontinental Champion, Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett continues to find ways to climb the career ladder in the WWE and once again finds himself in a primary storyline on a big show. The response to his inclusion was tepid at best because it doesn’t serve a purpose in any fashion in this angle.

But what if that position was given to Sikoa instead? As the younger brother of The Usos it would be a huge moment to see them all in the ring together. The assumption that he’s there to help his family could be used to kick off a swerve that he’s instead there to break Reigns’s hold over them. That starts with calling the match down the line and seeing Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins get the win. From that point, the story becomes The Usos attempting to bring Sikoa over to their side before he faces the ire of Reigns. They’d fail in doing so, eventually bringing Reigns and Sikoa face-to-face. Would the younger family member win? Probably not, but it would be a new wrinkle to throw things back to the initial Reigns versus Jey storyline that was some of the most compelling work WWE has done in recent memory.

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Unfortunately, like many things in the WWE, ideas such as these rarely make it to television. Instead of getting something different, WWE continues to hang onto old names and tired tropes, while fans who simply want to see wrestling continue to tune in. Roman Reigns and The Bloodline have been one of the better angles on WWE and adding Solo Sikoa to the equation as a threat would be a pleasant change of pace.