What would an annual AEW Dynamite and Rampage draft look like?

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What if All Elite Wrestling did its own draft to build two separate rosters for Dynamite and Rampage?

With the WWE Draft starting next week on Friday Night Smackdown and continuing the next Monday on Raw, many superstars within America’s biggest company will be changing brands. AEW currently does not do wrestler drafts, but what would one look like between AEW Dynamite and Rampage?

Below are the first 10 rounds of an AEW mock draft between the two brands, with full factions and tag teams being able to be selected as groups. First picks will be alternating between both brands per round in a snake draft style.

Round 1

Dynamite- MJF

With the first overall pick, it is a no-brainer for Dynamite. Selecting the World Champion that has some of the best on-the-mic skills in the industry. This selection may be a little bit of a risk because the “generational talent” does not step between the ropes very often. Nonetheless, AEW’s biggest draw goes number one, and rightfully so.

Rampage- The Elite

Dynamite just picked the World Champion and Rampage needs top stars to lead their brand. Rampage elects to take The Elite to have Kenny Omega as the face of Friday nights, but splits him and the Young Bucks. Rampage secures top stars in both the singles and tag team picture in one singular pick.

Round 2

Rampage- Blackpool Combat Club

Rampage just secured a face faction, and now they want a heel faction to complement the Elite. Taking Jon Moxley, Bryan Danielson, Claudio Castagnoil, and Wheeler Yuta with the opening pick of round 2. Rampage secures some of the best in-ring talents with veterans of the business in Moxley, Castagnoli, and Danielson, all the while building a future for their brand with Wheeler Yuta.

Dynamite- Adam Cole

To establish their brand after the draft, Dynamite wants to have one of the biggest singles rivalries for the world title, selecting Adam Cole to be the first challenger for MJF. Ever since returning to the company inside the Kia Forum, Adam Cole has been one of the top babyfaces among the fans and it’s only a matter of time until he is going after gold. Dynamite getting Adam Cole is a steal BAY-BAY.

Round 3

Dynamite- Jade Cargill

Well, Jade Cargill might have never made it to the world title picture yet, but the star aura around her is undeniable. Dynamite thinks she is going to be a bigger draw than anyone else in the women’s division. Cargill is set to make the TBS championship one of the top women’s belts in the industry, defending her belt and 56 and 0 record as the women’s top dog on Dynamite.

Rampage- The Outcasts

Dynamite just picked a women’s division powerhouse and Rampage wants to counter taking a trio of some of the most well-known female wrestling talents. Saraya, Toni Storm, and Ruby Soho can attract casual fans to Friday nights, with potential recognition from their previous place of work in WWE. The Outcasts give Rampage a group of three heels to dominate and run rampant over the women’s division.

Round 4

Rampage- FTR

Rampage secured the Young Bucks in round number 1, and now in round 4, they want to solidify themselves as the destination for tag team wrestling in AEW. The world tag team champions now find themselves with a destination title defense to open up their second reign as AEW tag team champions against the Young Bucks.

Dynamite- The Killer and the Pillar

With a dominant tag division on Rampage, Dynamite wants to make their women’s division significantly better than Rampage. Locking up the AEW Women’s World Champion in Jamie Hayter and a homegrown star in Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. in round number 4. They now own both women’s singles titles on Dynamite and plan on the women’s division becoming a prominent mainstay of Wednesday nights.

Round 5

Dynamite- House of Black

The trios champions and Julia Hart are headed toward Wednesday nights. Malaki Black will be a member of the trio, but Dynamite plans on using him in a dominant singles role on top of being a trios champ. The spooky group including Malaki Black, Buddy Matthews, and Brody King will lead Wednesday nights haunting opponents and running through the Dynamite mid-card.

Rampage- Orange Cassidy

In the fifth round Rampage chooses to lock up their first singles belt, picking International champion Orange Cassidy. Rampage is hoping Cassidy can attract many younger viewers to Friday nights at 10 even though it may be past their bedtime. The kids are a very important element to AEW’s fanbase and Orange Cassidy is set to draw them in being a top babyface on Rampage.

Round 6

Rampage- “Hangman” Adam Page

Page has not held a belt since losing the World Championship to CM Punk at Double or Nothing last year, but has still been one of the mainstays on Dynamite. Now with Rampage picking him, they look to elevate him back to a top star on Fridays. Rampage has a strong tag division and foundation of popular women’s wrestlers, now in round 6, they add to their men’s singles division.

Dynamite- The Acclaimed

Rampage has selected two of the best tag teams in the world in FTR and the Young Bucks, but they still don’t have the most over tag team in the company, leaving Dynamite to pick the Acclaimed. Max Caster and Anthony Bowens took the world by storm with their hilarious raps and great in-ring skills in the past year, and Dynamite wants to make them the faces of their tag team division.

Round 7

Dynamite- Jay White

Fresh off his free agent arrival in AEW, Jay White is poised to make an impact in AEW, potentially finding himself in the world title picture sooner than later. Dynamite takes on one of the biggest international stars, hoping that he can continue to bring overseas eyes to the product. After the feud between Adam Cole and MJF has concluded, the “Switchblade” could easily take on whoever wins the contest.

Rampage- Wardlow

With the World Championship being on Dynamite, Rampage needs to secure both mid-card titles, and already with the International Champion Orange Cassidy, in round 7 they take Wardlow. Wardlow is now a 3x TNT champion and can easily be re-established with a ton of momentum quickly with a few singles wins.

Round 8

Rampage- Darby Allin and Sting

Darby Allin has recently established himself as the second biggest pillar in AEW with his mentor Sting by his side. Darby proved himself as a top singles star winning the TNT championship a couple of months ago, and now he looks to be one of the leaders on Friday Night Rampage. Sting can make part-time appearances to draw in an older fanbase looking for a nostalgic throwback.

Dynamite- Riho

Riho has become one the most impressive talents in the women’s division and has yet to work her way into a title picture, but with both women’s titles on Dynamite, they need strong challengers to make fans feel the legitimacy of the women’s division.

Round 9

Dynamite- Jericho Appreciation Society

It may seem a little late for the JAS to be picked, but this is a steal in round 9 for Dynamite. The group with Chris Jericho, Matt Menard, Angelo Parker, Jake Hager, Daniel Garcia, Anna Jay, and Tay Melo solves multiple problems. Jericho can of course be a mainstay of the world title picture, the trio of Menard, Parker, and Hager can challenge the House of Black for the trios belts, and Jay and Melo can improve an already strong women’s division.

Rampage- Death Triangle

Tag team wrestling is alive and well on Friday nights and it only gets better from here. Rampage takes the Penta El Zero Miedo and Rey Fenix in round number 9 to bring the high-flying lucha style to compete with the likes of the Young Bucks and FTR. PAC can be a singles star focusing on challenging Wardlow and Orange Cassidy for their respective belts.

Round 10

Rampage- Thunder Rosa

Dynamite may have the much stronger women’s division in terms of top stars and titles, but once back from injury Rosa can lead Rampage’s women’s division. The Rampage women’s division may not have any belts, but the division will focus on intense rivalries and long-term storytelling to fill time during Friday night’s one-hour show. Thunder Rosa will be the babyface to lead the locker room as one of AEW’s homegrown talents.

Dynamite- Christian Cage and Luchasaurus

Dynamite needs a big-time heel act to control the mid-card, selecting Christian Cage and Luchasaurus with the last pick. Christian Cage can be as good of a heel as he has ever been and with muscle by his side, this act could quickly become one of the best heel pairings AEW has to offer.

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