Three AEW storylines graded and analyzed (04/28/2023)


The following article looks at the AEW top storylines in the past week and analyzes them.

1. Jeff Jarrett wants Mark Briscoe? “C”

Story: Mark Briscoe had a pivotal match in AEW with Jay Lethal to honor the passing of his brother. Sad part over… as Jay used that opportunity to recruit Mark into the Jarrett/Sonjay faction. Mark agreed, reluctantly, but it turned out that the heel tactics of the group is not his cup of tea. Now FTR wants to rescue Mark and bring him to the light. Tensions have escalated between FTR and Jarrett/Lethal/Sonjay as the heel team has gotten some dirty wins over them.

Analysis: Jarrett is not sitting on the sidelines. He doesn’t want his TNA days to be the last time he gets in the ring. He took things back to the old school with Dax. Mark Briscoe seems to be the prize for whichever team is victorious, but there is a lot of tension and rivalry. Jarrett and Lethal are doing their part to get cheap pins and illegal weapon wins, scoring points over Dax Harwood. It is sophomore heel tactics that would make a WCW writer proud.


Mark Briscoe is probably going to throw fists at Jarrett and Lethal and join the good guys. He needs a good face story to get the crowd between Wil we have to wait for Double or Nothing to see this?

 2. Taya Valkyrie is jacked “B-“

Story: Taya Valkyrie is carving a new path into the women’s division. She has a great physique, a cocky attitude, and a waist that is missing a belt. She has gotten the attention of Jade Cargill, the TBS champion. Jade is above Taya’s pay grade at the moment, which explains her recent loss to her, but Taya still has promise.

Analysis: When Taya came out to wrestle it was apparent she had some serious muscles. Not a lot of women can look that monstrous in the ring. Taya also carries herself with the bravado of a beautiful biker gang leader. The match between Jade was a wash, a lame ending, but it left open a door for a rematch.

Prediction: This is going to sound strange to some, but Taya could be the Scott Steiner of the women’s division. She can be cocky, and cruel, and she has the build to pull it off. She should be beating up scrawny twerps and having the faces clamor to face her. Jade may have used her as a stepping stone, but I hope Tony knows what he has.

3. Adam Cole’s Return “B+”

Story: Adam Cole is fresh for a new run and Chris Jericho is going to give him a hero’s welcome. Adam got blindsided by Jericho and his cronies and Britt Baker even got ambushed trying to help him. In the latest episode of Dynamite, Adam tried to face off against Jericho but got ambushed by all 4 cronies. Orange Cassidy, Bandido, and Roderick Strong came to his rescue signifying an official reunion between the former tag team.

Analysis: The AEW world was itching for a return of the “Bay Bay” and AEW is teasing it little by little. Adam Cole has gone into the big pond to pick a fight with Jericho who will promise him a quality match. We have yet to see him get a few W’s under his belt, but I am guessing AEW is going to put him at the front of the line.

Prediction: Jericho and Cole are going to be a fun match to watch and I hope AEW lets both men bring their creative juices. Cole and Strong seem like a future tag team that might be knocking on FTR’s door soon.

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