AEW: BCC vs The Elite is must see for professional wrestling


The feud between the Blackpool Combat Club and The Elite is the hottest feud in AEW and continues to be more must-see every week.

The feud between the BCC (Bryan Danielson, Jon Moxley, Wheeler Yuta, Claudio Castagnoli) and The Elite (Kenny Omega, Matt Jackson, Nick Jackson) happened rather organically and it all started with Jon Moxley and “Hangman” Adam Page.

After a brutal series of matches between Jon Moxley and Adam Page which spanned from October last year to March this year. The supposed end to their rivalry came at the Revolution PPV where they competed in a Texas Deathmatch, which Page won. On the following Dynamite, Page claimed he was done with Moxley, that was until Moxley and Castignoli defeated Alex Reynolds and John Silver of the Dark Order and continued their attack on them after the bell inciting Page, a friend of the Dark Order came out to help Reynolds and Silver.

At first, it seemed like Page wanted nothing to do with the BCC until he punched Castignoli which incited the BCC to attack him and seemingly turn ‘heel’. On the following Dynamite, the BCC defeated Page, Evil Uno, and Stu Grayson of the Dark Order. The action did not stop there as the two teams brawled backstage before making their way out to the ring area after the conclusion of the main event. While the BCC took out the Dark Order, Page was left alone, three against one until his former friend, The Elite got into the ring and seemingly had his back. The BCC would retreat leaving Page and The Elite. The history between Page and The Elite has been well documented in AEW, as well as on The Elite’s YouTube series, Being The Elite. Thus, the rivalry between the BCC and The Elite began.

BCC vs The Elite rules over AEW.

The rivalry between the BCC and The Elite is without a doubt the best part of AEW television every week and is arguably the best thing in pro wrestling right now, and that is not surprising considering the amount of star talent involved. On the BCC, you have three of the most decorated wrestlers in the company, Jon Moxley, Bryan Danielson, and Claudio Castignoli. There is also Wheeler Yuta, who is the youngest member of his team but is one of the best young talents in all of pro wrestling.

The Elite’s side has Kenny Omega, the Young Bucks, and Adam Page, all former champions, who have produced some of the greatest matches in company history. Even before this rivalry started, fans were anticipating their eventual meeting and it is fair to see that so far it has met, or even exceeded expectations. Leading up to the Double or Nothing PPV on May 28th, many fans have even expressed how much better this feud is compared to the four-pillars AEW World Championship feud, which is currently set to main event the PPV. Those same fans suggest that whatever match the BCC and The Elite have at the PPV should main event in favor of the AEW World Championship match.

Following weeks of attacks and brawls between the BCC and The Elite, May 10th will finally see the first match in this feud when Jon Moxley and Kenny Omega face off in a steel cage match. The saga of Moxley vs Omega has been a big part of AEW since its inception. Their first match occurred at the 2019 Full Gear PPV, which was a brutal unsanctioned lights-out match. In 2020 they also feuded for the AEW World Championship which Omega uncleanly won from Moxley at Dynamite: Winter is Coming. Their third bout was literally explosive, as they competed in an exploding barbed wire deathmatch. Omega leads their series 2-0 (Moxley’s win unsanctioned win does not count) and the fourth chapter in their story is bound to be just as brutal as the previous ones.

For the first few weeks of this feud, the BCC only had three members, Moxley, Castignoli, and Yuta as Danielson was on hiatus following his loss to MJF at Revolution. With Page on The Elite side, the BCC were outnumbered, that was until Danielson returned on the March 29th Dynamite, at first it seemed like he was aiding Omega against his own BCC teammates before swerving everyone and attacking Omega, and rejoining his group. During the attack, Danielson berated Omega saying “You are everything that is wrong with wrestling.”

On the April 4th Dynamite, Danielson would proclaim the BCC as “the only professional wrestlers in AEW” and claimed everyone else as “amateurs”, with the entire goal of the BCC being to cleanse AEW of the amateurs and have the real wrestlers remain. The Elite are Executive Vice Presidents of AEW, so Danielson insinuating they are not professionals is an interesting subtext.

With Page out of action due to the BCC gouging his eye with a screwdriver, The Elite were outnumbered, that was until Don Callis recruited Konosuke Takeshita to help them. Takeshita, who has a history with Omega from their time in DDT Pro Wrestling in Japan, also has a history with Danielson from his feud earlier in the year with MJF. With Takeshita on The Elite side, the numbers are even, however, with the eventual return of Page to The Elite, the numbers would once again be uneven, which is why many fans have been speculating that Takeshita will betray The Elite and join the BCC.

On the April 26th Dynamite, the BCC bloodied Takeshita with a screwdriver leaving many now questioning if he will actually join the BCC or remain with The Elite. If Page returns and Takeshita joins the BCC, the numbers would once again be unequal, however like how fans have been speculating Takeshita to the BCC, they are also anticipating the AEW debut of Kota Ibushi. Ibushi has a long history with The Elite, especially with his former Golden Lovers tag team partner, Kenny Omega, and his joining Omega and The Elite in their fight against the BCC would be the most logical introduction for him.

While May 10th will finally see the first official in-ring action between these two teams, where does it go from there? Surely a huge multi-man match is bound to happen in the future, but when and what type of match will it be? With the Double or Nothing PPV coming up on May 28th, some type of match has to happen there. Fans have been predicting an Anarchy in the Arena match, a match the BCC are familiar with as they competed in that stipulation last year at Double or Nothing. Fans have also been hoping for a Blood & Guts match, however with the setup that the match needs, two rings, and a giant steel cage, it more than likely take place on a Dynamite, as it has in previous years. The BCC also competed in and won, Blood & Guts last year, so it is safe to say that if those matches happen, they would have the advantage.

With a few weeks until the PPV, there are plenty of opportunities to produce more matches as there are many possible match combinations. Singles, tags, trios. There are so many. If this feud continues after Double or Nothing, and it seems likely that it will, that gives them even more match possibilities, especially if Ibushi debuts.

With constant new layers being added to the story each week, this feud continues to be more and more must-see, and as the inevitable multi-man match gets closer, it is only going to get better, and a lot more brutal.

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