WWE has a main event star in Damian Priest


Damian Priest continues to shine when given the opportunity and he can be a main-event star for WWE. 

The WWE needs as many new stars at the top of the roster as possible. Leaning on individuals like John Cena and Roman Reigns puts the company in a lacking position, especially when those individuals either leave or take time away. That is why the rise of individuals like Damian Priest is so important to the company. Priest is someone that if properly built, can become a main event attraction and WWE must capitalize on it while they can.

There are several examples of WWE not leveraging individuals from NXT correctly when they reach the main roster, but the same can’t be said about Priest. He picked up the WWE United States Championship and held that title for nearly 200 days. Even when he’s not the champion, he’s well protected as a member of The Judgement Day.

But where Priest has thrived is in big moments alongside Bad Bunny. Priest’s ability to garner cross-over appeal made him the perfect individual to be paired with Bunny at WrestleMania 37 then again at Backlash. Their match at Backlash elevated that show to success and will be recognized as one of the biggest moments in wrestling this year. Now, the question is where does the company go with Priest next?

There’s one thing that is not on the company’s side – time. Priest is 41 years of age and has nearly two decades’ worth of experience in professional wrestling. During that time, he’s captured multiple championships, most notably in Ring of Honor and WWE. That experience has translated into making him a potential new star, even at this late stage in his career.

There are several opportunities for WWE to push Priest into the main event. The Money in the Bank briefcase is right there. Imagine Priest winning that accolade and carrying it for a year before finding a way to cash in on a champion at some point in late 2023 or in 2024. The Judgement Day was initially considered a joke of a faction, but if that group leads to the elevation of Rhea Ripley, Dominick Mysterio (one of the most-hated heels in wrestling), and Damian Priest – then that should be considered a victory. He doesn’t even have to break away from the group or turn into a babyface. This iteration of Priest works perfectly as a main event character that can tip-toe the line between both spaces.

WWE has a talented roster, with individuals that could be champions across both brands and any company. Damian Priest deserves to be considered as an option for a new star and one that the company should pick up on sooner rather than later.

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