It’s time for WWE to break up the Street Profits

The Street Profits have done all they can as a tag team and it’s time to send them on their separate ways. 

Ever since the unifying of the Raw and Smackdown tag team titles, it has been hard for WWE to establish an undercard for the tag team division leaving many teams without much direction. The Street Profits of Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford fall right into that category, having been one of the more over teams on the roster, but no real push to show for it.

Now, the Profits have been drafted to Smackdown, with the champions Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn going to Monday Nights to defend their belts. Leaving no clear path to the main event tag scene for the Street Profits, so they should just go solo for the time being.

Montez Ford in recent months by many fans, has been called a future world champion, and the Smackdown roster is the perfect competition for him to blossom his career finally as a singles star. Smackdown has a lot of hard-hitting superstars on the roster and the high flying of Ford can greatly compliment them in the ring.

On the other hand, Angelo Dawkins may not spur as many superstar comparisons but has greatly improved in the ring during his time on Raw before the draft, and with a manager by his side could become a mid-card force immediately.

An idea for Dawkins could be to steal the services of MVP from the ‘Nigerian Giant’ Omos and have the former US champ do all the talking for him. Whichever way Ford and Dawkins go, it’s certainly better than winning pointless tag matches week after week that garner no momentum their way.

When it comes to how to break up the Street Profits, it makes more sense for Dawkins to be the one that turns heel. Have the Street Profits lose a couple of tag team matches in a row with Ford eating the pin in each contest, then have Dawkins get mad his partner is holding him back.

Then finally in the middle of a tag match, Dawkins walks away from his long-time partner up the ramp leaving Ford to lose the match by himself, officially ending the Street Profits. A feud between a heel Dawkins and a face Ford would easily make the mid-card scene on Friday nights way better than it is now, potentially with a final blowoff match taking place at Summer Slam in early August.

As for now, the Street Profits are left with an unnecessary tag match this coming Friday on Smackdown with rising star LA Knight and Rick Boogs.