Three stars that can benefit from time on AEW Collision


AEW announced a new show called AEW Collision and these are three stars that stand to benefit the most.

On the morning of Wednesday, May 17, AEW’s CEO, Tony Khan, and TNT Executives finally announced that a new pro-wrestling show called: AEW Collision would be making its way to Saturday nights. In addition, they revealed many stars would return to the company to be a part of this new show, as their hope was for them to bring us a new and exciting side of pro wrestling in AEW.

It’s safe to say that everyone is thrilled and cannot wait for June 17, the debut of the show, and haven’t hesitated to hop on their keyboards and fantasy book talent, so we thought to give it a shot with three wrestlers we feel could benefit the most from a change of scenery. After all, with new territory comes a unique opportunity to rejuvenate or reinvent yourself and your character, and here are three we feel could do precisely that.

Thunder Rosa

At one point, it could be argued that Thunder Rosa was one of the biggest stars in AEW after her groundbreaking match with Britt Baker on AEW’s Dynamite St. Patrick’s Day Slam episode in 2021. Both women put on a clinic, and it would even be referred to as the two women’s “Lita and Trish moment.”

Fast forward to the current day, Britt Baker’s star has only shined brighter and gone farther, but as for Thunder Rosa, she’s been missing in action since August of last year. Thunder Rosa would eventually make her return to TV on May 10 to the approval/shock of many, but only to talk to “Papi Khan.”

Thunder Rosa is an incredible women’s wrestler and could quickly regain her former glory two years ago with the right story and a constant reminder to fans that, at one time, she was at the top of the food chain and can easily get back to doing what she does best and that’s blowing people’s minds.

Scorpio Sky

Ever since his one on one match with AEW Champion, at the time, Chris Jericho, many fans were waiting in anticipation for a Scorpio Sky solo run. Finally, fans would get their wish when he broke away from his team, SCU, and became TNT Champion not once but twice!

All seemed well, but unfortunately, the weird booking of the championship at the time and the use of not so fan favorite wrestlers Tay Melo and Sammy Guevara would see this run appear as nothing more than an experiment that turned into a train wreck.

With Collision on the horizon, this could be the perfect opportunity to relaunch Scorpio Sky into stardom. They can leave all the TNT champion shenanigans and showcase him as the exceptional talent he once was. He could even overthrow current International Champion Orange Cassidy and have a lengthy run set him up for the World title. Only time will tell.

Swerve Strickland

Now, this one might be a bit off, but do me a solid and hear me out. Swerve Strickland has had many moments since debuting in Tony Khan’s company, including becoming Tag Team Champion with a former friend, now rival, Keith Lee. Now, he’s currently in a storyline where his company, Mogul Affiliates, joined forces with Ring of Honor’s The Embassy to run roughshod of AEW.

But where has that truly gone? Also, what about his feud with Keith Lee. There have been some encounters, but I wouldn’t consider any of them a payoff to the once-hot rivalry. It’s not his fault, as currently, there are so many stories happening on TV that it’s hard to keep track of all of them and make them all attractive. With Collision, you can quickly turn Swerve Strickland into a top heel and even have Keith Lee go on over and resume their rivalry. As a result, AEW doesn’t lose a significant star, and the fans get a fresh new villain.

In conclusion, we are looking forward to AEW’s new show as we feel it can be treated as more than just an overabundance of products. It can lead to the creation of new stars and the rebirth of old ones, and in the end, that’s good for the company and us, the fans, watching. But as mentioned earlier in the article, only time will show us what comes from this new show, as we are only at the beginning of a new era in AEW history.

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