WWE doesn’t need to lean on the Four Horsewomen to carry women’s divisions


Charlotte Flair, Bayley, and Becky Lynch are Hall of Famers but WWE can look to other women to carry the women’s divisions. 

WWE is retooling the women’s division. Asuka ended the dominant reign of Bianca Belair and Rhea Ripley is establishing herself as a pillar of this division’s future. There’s an opportunity to do something big within this division, especially as fans make it clear they want to see more of the women on the roster. However, a recent piece by Kishan Prasad of Sportskeeda wrote a piece about fans revolting against the idea of Becky Lynch dethroning Rhea Ripley. While it’s understandable that WWE wants to lean on an iconic performer like Lynch, the company needs to begin taking steps away from the Four Horsewomen and look to the other talented women on the roster.

The piece from Prasad chronicles the online response to the idea that Lynch would be the woman to unseat Ripley. The social media outcry should not be the focus of this conversation, rather the attention should go to who the WWE could begin to lean on instead of Charlotte Flair, Bayley, and Lynch. Asuka’s championship reigns always sat under Flair’s massive shadow, and Lynch is a star without a championship. They do not need to be in the title picture every year.

Look at the rest of the roster and there is a slew of women that should be booked as formidable competitors for both champions. Take Piper Niven as an example. Imagine a scenario where she and Ripley matched power in a series of bouts. With the Money in the Bank ladder match on the horizon, there’s the perfect opportunity to book her into that role. Or even Raquel Rodriguez. She and Ripley have a storied history from their time together in WWE NXT. While Rodriguez hasn’t received the best booking on the main roster, it can be fixed just as Ripley’s booking had to go through the improvements witnessed today.

Asuka versus IYO Sky is a feud that WWE must put together. There’s too much history between the two and the opportunity for excellent matches to miss out again as they did with Kairi Sane. Then there are others like Mia Yim, Isla Dawn, Alba Fyre, and others on SmackDown that have the abilities and experience to become solid contenders if WWE invests the effort into them.

Charlotte Flair, Bayley, Becky Lynch, and Mercedes Mone have all had their own and collective impacts on professional wrestling. However, it’s understandable if fans are now rolling their eyes at WWE every time, they go back to the three available members of the Four Horsewomen for big women’s feuds. There’s so much talent available on both shows and with new names growing on WWE NXT, it’s time for the company to put that same energy into the rest of the roster.

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