AEW Rampage: Toni Storm’s next challenger is Skye Blue


Coming off of the must-see AEW Rampage last week, this week’s episode didn’t have the same “can’t miss” feeling. The show not only saw women’s main event, but it was a match with importance.

The match was a four-way featuring Britt Baker, Nyla Rose, Skye Blue, and Mercedes Martinez with the winner getting a shot at the AEW Women’s Championship next week. Baker and Rose are former AEW Women’s Champions while Martinez is a former ROH Women’s Champion.

Rose continued her streak of wrestling the current women’s champion in their first title defense when she faced Storm on Dynamite this week (next week’s show is in Rose’s hometown of Washington, D.C., so it would’ve been cool to see her challenge there).

Prior to the match, a video package was shown of each competitor stating that they were winning. Baker said that “if there was anyone in this women’s division that deserved a title shot, it’s yours truly, Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D.” Baker recently said on an episode of All Access that she never wanted to be champion again, but when pressed by Tony Schiavone, relented and said at least five years.

Hikaru Shida accompanied Baker to the ring. Marina Shafir shadowed Rose as per usual. Shafir came to Rose’s aide when she was being roughed up by Martinez. Shida chased her up the ramp with her kendo stick.

Luckily for Baker, she doesn’t have to worry about potentially being champion again because Blue got upset. She hit Rose with a Code Blue for the win. Storm didn’t take this news well and spray-painted an “L” on a backstage monitor.

This is a huge win for Blue. She’s a rising star in the company and has been involved in the Originals vs. Outcasts storyline. The Chicago native also had a great match against Athena for the ROH Women’s Championship recently.

Storm has had Blue’s number in their previous matchups. Blue challenged Storm for the title at the AEW House Rules shows on June 2. Although Storm isn’t likely to lose the title anytime soon, it’s nice to see some younger talent getting shots earlier in Storm’s title reign. It gives variety within the title reigns. Blue has all the makings to be a future champion and getting to wrestle one of the best in the division is a great opportunity for growth.

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