ROH: Athena vs. Keira Hogan main event in Chicago Street Fight


If you read my ROH recaps regularly, you know that I’ve written about Athena quite a few times. That’s with good reason. No one in ROH is being booked like Athena and no women’s champion is doing what she’s doing.

In the last few months, Kiera Hogan has emerged as Athena’s nemesis. Athena has a reputation for attacking her opponents after she’s beaten them. Hogan gave her a taste of her own medicine, infuriating the champ. Two weeks ago, the women faced off in a title match with Athena retaining. After the match, they continued brawling and had to be kept apart by security and referees.

Last week, Athena showed up in a blue wig to Hogan’s interview time with Dasha Gonzalez. She continuously mocked her which caused Hogan to take her down. Following Athena’s win over Trish Adora, Hogan attempted to ambush Athena with a trash can lid. This led to another melee that ended with Hogan getting speared through a table.

New ROH board member Stokely Hathaway suggested the Chicago Street Fight which Tony Khan made official.

The women main evented in this week’s episode. This is the fifth time that Athena has main evented an ROH show. Of course, with it being a street fight there were ladders, tables, chairs, thumbtacks, trashcans, and an actual street sign. There was a table that no sold them and even Hogan used her braids to attempt to choke her opponent out.

Hogan had an answer for everything Athena threw at her and vice versa. These two women had a hell of a match that lasted just shy of 20 minutes. Ian Riccaboni called it the “most violent women’s match in ROH history.” That’s not hyperbole.

Hogan came close to dethroning Athena a few times. In the end, Athena moved to 27-0. She will likely get her 28th consecutive win on Zero Hour prior to Forbidden Door II. Following the match, Riccaboni said he believes the person to defeat her isn’t even in ROH or in AEW.

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Backstage, Athena questioned why there were no flowers, green apple Skittles, or kittens and asked why there was no one from the locker room congratulating her. “Time and time again, I come to Ring of Honor and I show the world that I am the best in this business. And yet, where is my just due? (…) It’s time for this division to realize what real dominance is. What a real reign is.”

Who will step up to end Athena’s reign? As of right now, Riccaboni is correct. There is no one in AEW or ROH that can defeat the most dominant champion in ROH women’s history.