Three major themes heading into the 2023 Money in the Bank PLE


Three big angles anchor WWE Money in the Bank and fans should keep a close eye on these developments once the dust settles. 

WWE Money in the Bank is right around the corner. This is a major PPV set for the famous O2 Arena in London, England. There’s a lot to look forward to on this show, but these are three important angles that fans should pay close attention to as they will have an interesting impact on the immediate future of WWE.

Headlines vs Fan Favorites

The men’s money in the bank will set the tone for who is seen as a main event star. After the last two years, two or the last three years have seen subpar winners take home the briefcase. Even Big E’s cash-in and subsequent title run left more to be desired. WWE has taken baby steps to improve the week-to-week creative that fans see each week, but with Vince McMahon looming there’s a lot of apprehension as to what things will look like in the future. That leads directly to Money in the Bank and who wins the match.

Logan Paul and LA Knight should be the top two favorites to win. On the one hand, Paul is the one that would pull in the most headlines. Love or hate him, he’s a media darling in today’s social media first world. Every time he performs in the ring, he does something that captures the attention of not only fans but the wider media audience.

And then there is LA Knight. Knight is a guy who grabbed fans by the throat the minute he joined WWE NXT. Many were aware of his work across other promotions, but watching Knight bloom into someone that fans have rallied behind is a great moment. McMahon nearly botched this entire growth, as he’s done with others, and there’s no telling if WWE is ready to put the briefcase in his hands and let him loose as a main event player or keep him just a step below.

Becky Lynch is the central character in the women’s MITB match

The women’s MITB ladder match comes packed with storylines. Becky Lynch is the central character and she’s facing animosity from all sides. Even Zelina Vega, who is currently a babyface, has reason enough to knock Lynch down a peg or two. Lynch is the favorite to win this year, as WWE continues to reference this is an accolade she’s never achieved. And while that will keep the angle of, she versus Trish Stratus and Zoey Stark going, one must wonder what that would mean for a Lynch cash-in. Could she be the first woman to fail as WWE has pushed nearly all the chips in the women’s division behind Rhea Ripley?

What is WWE doing with Cody Rhodes?

Cody Rhodes versus Dominick Mysterio at a major PLE is a match that no one had on their 2023 bingo cards. But here we are. They are poised to take each other on in a one-on-one match, but many expect Brock Lesnar to make an appearance and attack Cody. That would set the stage for Rhodes versus Lesnar III at SummerSlam.

Has Rhodes lost some interest and momentum since WrestleMania 39? Perhaps, depending on who you ask. Placing him against Lesnar keeps him at the top of the card, but how does he get back to Roman Reigns? Will fans care by the time that happens? All these questions continue to loom and will do so after this match plays out.

WWE Money in the Bank goes down on Saturday, July 1, and features a card with seven strong matches. WWE has continued to build momentum with its PLEs and this show should continue that trend.

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