AEW: It is time to break up the Dark Order


The Dark Order is a relic of AEW’s past and it’s time to break up the group.

On the June 28 edition of AEW Dynamite, we saw what appears to be the end of the friendship between Adam Page and the Dark Order.  After four years of being a faction in AEW, I believe it is time to end the Dark Order.

I like the group.  I think the combination of Evil Uno, Alex Reynolds & John Silver is a great group of wrestlers.  However, after most of the main members have left what is the purpose of having the group when there are only three people left?  Dark Order was very good in 2020 and kept going until last year when the members started to leave.  You had Colt Cabana, who as of right now isn’t wrestling because of injury, but when will we ever see him again on television?

Anna Jay left to be with her best friend Tay Melo and join the Jericho Appreciation Society.  While I don’t think Anna’s been used to her full capabilities; I do believe there is still room for her to grow.  Whether she does this in the J.A.S., or with a newly turned heel, Jungle Boy remains to be seen.  Alan Angels wasn’t re-signed by AEW and is currently in Impact Wrestling where he’s been on a nice run since joining the promotion.  Preston Vance left the group to join L.F.I. and broke the heart of -1 to become a potential breakout star for the rest of this year and into 2024.

Finally, there’s Stu Grayson.  At first, he wasn’t re-signed like Angels but did come back to AEW.  Now he has joined the Righteous faction in Ring of Honor and looks to play a big role, so much so that he was in a dark match at Forbidden Door against El Phantasmo this past Sunday.  But what happens now to the three remaining members of the Dark Order?  Where can they go now after leaving Adam Page high and dry at the hands of the Blackpool Combat Club?  What can they do to put themselves back on the AEW map?

The first thing I would like to see is a promo cut on Dynamite proclaiming that this is the end of the Dark Order.  But why did they end the Dark Order?  You can have Evil Uno say that it was all Adam Page’s fault.  Brodie Lee would’ve never let what Page did happen when he was around.  Say in respect to the exalted one and to -1, the Dark Order is no more.

Have them go out and try to win the AEW Trios championship, and beat the House of Black to win the titles.  They can go on to have a lengthy reign as champions and proclaim themselves to be the greatest Trios champions of all time.  They can even say they did it without anyone’s help.  No Adam Page, no other members of the Dark Order, just them.  While the Dark Order will always be considered one of the most popular factions in the early years of AEW, it’s time to end the Dark Order.  They’ve been through so much the last three years from reaching the highest of highs to hitting rock bottom.

In wrestling, it can be very hard to replicate the magic of a team.  What the Dark Order had was indeed magic, during the time when Brodie Lee was around and how they were so loved after his untimely death.  But after close to three years since his passing, it is time to say goodbye to the Dark Order.  I’m not saying don’t ever bring the faction back again because once -1 becomes eighteen and can wrestle he can bring the group back.  But in 2023, where factions like Blackpool Combat Club, the Elite, House of Black, and Jericho Appreciation Society rule the shows there is no room for the Dark Order.

It’s time to say goodbye to a once beloved faction that won everyone over including myself.  Evil Uno, Alex Reynolds, and John Silver will still be together and be a great group but just without the Dark Order name.

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